Psaki Makes Wildly Inaccurate Promise

In spite of widespread the Republican outcry that has ensued since the White House announced its intentions to create a Disinformation Governance Board, Press Secretary Jen Psaki insists that the board will be “apolitical” and “nonpartisan.”

During a Monday press briefing, Psaki declared that the purpose of the mandate “is not to adjudicate what is true or false online or otherwise,” claiming that it will instead operate in an “apolitical” and “nonpartisan” manner.

“[The department is] basically meant to coordinate a lot of the ongoing work that is happening and the focus is on disinformation and threats to the homeland,” Psaki claimed.

Despite Psaki’s claims, the proposed disinformation board, which would operate under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has received near-universal criticism from critics, who liken the department to a real-life version of the infamous “Ministry of Truth” in novelist George Orwell’s 1984.

Moreover, Psaki’s promise of nonpartisanship is further challenged by the appointment of Executive Director Nina Jankowicz, who has been brazenly partisan in her behavior, to the extent that she attacks political opposition using Mary Poppins songs on TikTok and invents remarkably false phrases, such as “information laundering.”

Throughout the 2020 campaign, TikTok played a prominent role in anti-Trump activists’ operations. On his part, the former president warned against the pervasive influence of TikTok due to its ties to the Chinese Communist Party and risks associated with surveillance.

However, despite the role TikTok played in the 2020 election, chiefly in the removal of Trump, who believed in strong borders, Psaki astonishingly claims that the Disinformation Governance Board will apparently help resolve the crisis at the border.

“For anyone that’s out there who may be concerned about the increase in migrants to the border, this is the kind of apparatus that’s working to address disinformation,” Psaki brayed.

Psaki refused to comment on the fact that the Biden administration was guilty of spreading disinformation itself, namely by claiming border patrol agents “whipped” migrants.

Psaki also brushed off serious concerns about Jankowicz, informing the press that “the woman you noted has extensive experience and has done extensive work addressing disinformation.”