Psaki Offers Pitiful Excuse For Mounting Crime Wave

In perhaps one of the more insane press conferences as of late, Psaki offered some of the most pitiful excuses possible for the rising crime wave.

Even worse, a close analysis of her statement reveals that she arguably didn’t even offer a real excuse, just typical word salad that provides exactly zero comfort to the Americans who really are facing extreme violence, day after day.

Perhaps worst of all, Psaki and the White House evade all accountability for their direct role in the rising crime wave, which began last spring and has massively escalated since Biden took over.

“When there’s been rise in crime rates across the country including Chicago for 18 months or more, that unfortunately is not going to turn on a dime … We are working with Chicago. It’s one of the five cities we’re working with.” [Source: Newsmax]

Hm, interesting “statement.”

Ever wonder why crime may have risen so dramatically “for 18 months or more?” Might the fictional news media’s constant assault on law enforcement, not to mention Democrat-led movements to defund police, have anything to do with the “rise in crime rates?”

Not to mention Biden and Harris’s own attacks on the police while “campaigning” in the fall.

Tragically, Psaki’s commentary is even more insensitive considering the recent loss of law enforcement officer’s lives, including Deputy Campas in California.

“Deputy Campas, a five year veteran, was killed in the line of duty on July 25, 2021 … Deputy Campas joined the sheriff’s office on February 20th, 2016 after serving our country as a United States Marine.” [Source: OANN]

Tragically, within the past few days another deputy was also fatally shot in Washington state, yet another ultra-leftist state that has openly advocated “Defund Police.”

Furthermore, LeBron James, who apparently spends his useless days harassing PA speakers at private preparatory schools, certainly comes to mind when thinking about the numerous tragedies that law enforcement has endured over the past several months.

Particularly when he apparently takes pleasure in threatening them directly over social media, such as when he asserted “YOU’RE NEXT” to an officer in Columbus, Ohio, while including posting all of an officer’s personal information.

The irony is that same officer actually saved a minority’s life by killing an armed assailant, who happened to be a minority as well, but apparently that doesn’t matter one iota to James.

James, in other words, personifies abject hatred and intolerance, and the fact that the ultra-woke, increasingly anti-American NBA has not bothered to put him in place on any level further underscores the current climate in which Americans live, courtesy of an ultra-left administration.

Meanwhile, reports have surfaced regarding the allegedly inhuman treatment that protestors on Capitol Hill have been subjected to, including torture.

Almost as if they’re residents of Guantanamo Bay … Except the catch is that numerous protestors on Capitol Hill served in the military, the very force that has helped keep the United States largely safe from terrorism for years, as revealed by an individual familiar with the matter.

“Half of the guys that are sitting in there right now are well decorated military veterans … Those are guys that went and sacrificed for this country and the very country they sacrificed and gained so much for is now treating them like terrorists.” [Source: OANN]

So, in other words, the White House has apparently decided it’s a good idea to fixate national attention (not to mention immense taxpayer resources) on “investigating” military veterans while truly violent, incredibly dangerous, and perpetually (illegally) armed criminals roam the streets.

No wonder crime won’t “turn on a dime,” nor will it until a serious reckoning takes place in 2024 …

Author: Ofelia Thornton