Psaki Plays Blame Game With Unvaccinated

The White House has a new culprit to blame for Joe Biden’s ailing approval ratings: unvaccinated Americans.

Biden’s poll numbers have plummeted over the past several weeks, with one of the most recent polls demonstrating an especially dire drop: A Quinnipiac University poll determined that Biden’s approval ratings have fallen to only 38 percent.

Moreover, Biden’s average approval ratings stand at 52 percent disapproval and 43.3 percent approval, per calculations from RealClearPolitics.

These disapproval ratings can be attributed to several serious mistakes, which include a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, endless legislative battles on Capitol Hill, and the continuing calamity of the border crisis. In addition, serious economic concerns, including rising inflation, have not been alleviated under Biden’s tenure.

Furthermore, the jobs report from September, which was released on Friday, reveals that under 200,000 jobs were added over the month, a vastly lower number than the 500,000 expected by economists. The data was so abysmal that CNBC hosts had difficulty masking their shock at the report.

However, White House Press Secretary has placed the blame for Biden’s low approval ratings on the shoulders on a different factor: unvaccinated Americans.

When Psaki was asked about Biden’s “really terrible” approval ratings, Psaki replied by placing at least part of the blame on unvaccinated Americans.

“This is a really tough time in our country,” Psaki stated, adding that the nation is “still battling COVID,” though many individuals, including the Biden administration, thought that the nation would “be through it.”

Psaki continued onwards to comment on “the rise of the delta variant,” emphasizing that unvaccinated Americans have played a strong role in its spread. She added that even though an FDA-approved vaccine for COVID is available, one that had been “approved under a [GOP] administration,” multiple Americans still refuse the vaccine.

Upwards of 20 percent of the nation have “decided not to get vaccinated,” Psaki admitted, adding “that’s having an impact” on Biden’s approval ratings.

In addition, Psaki also claimed that the White House is allegedly focused on “getting the pandemic under control” so that Americans can anticipate a return to “a version of normal” life in the future.