Psaki Puts Her Foot In Her Mouth, Compromises National Security

Another day, another bumbling press conference from Psaki.

This time, however, Psaki was even more out of her league than usual, as she faced a major league grilling on American accountability on the international stage.

After all, Biden proclaimed that he would apparently be restoring the United States’ “credibility” after Trump, yet so far all he’s done is illustrate how brilliant of a president Trump really was.

Sadly, courtesy of the ultra-destructive Democrats, Trump is currently not in the Oval Office, and Biden is.

And Biden’s press secretary is not exactly on the ball, especially in response to more compelling questions, such as those from NBC News’ Kristen Welker earlier this week.

“The withdrawal from Afghanistan over the summer was widely criticized … There are increasing tensions with China and Taiwan, and now you have Russian troops amassing on the border with Ukraine. Candidate Biden campaigned on a pledge to restore America’s credibility on the world stage on his foreign policy experience. Is he living up to that pledge?” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Well, that’s quite a laundry list of concerns to address all at once, and it would be intimidating for just about anyone to respond to.

In the case of Psaki, it’s apparently way too much to respond to, as she lost her composure and snapped at Welker


“Well, Kristen, he also campaigned on a promise to bring an end to a 20-year war that should have ended 10 years ago and to bring our troops home, and not to send another son, grandson, granddaughter, or daughter into a war that the Afghans aren’t willing to fight themselves …

He also pledged to stand up for democracy and pledged to stand up for countries like Ukraine and their territorial integrity. And that’s something that he is standing up for and vocally doing now, and raising concerns he has about the bellicose rhetoric and the military buildup.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Stop the presses!

Apparently, Biden is “raising concerns” about Russia’s “military buildup.” Is Biden’s idea of “raising concerns” the same as the “strongly worded” letter a UN Ambassador the Taliban, which apparently ordered them to not treat women like second-class citizens (if citizens at all)?

Surely, that’s just the right course of action to take! Putin must be shaking in his boots.

Clearly, the above commentary is extreme sarcasm, and it just underscores how remarkably out of her depth Psaki is in these responses.

Does she really believe that authoritarian leaders clearly bent on global domination are going to pay much attention to a teleprompter-dependent president who “raises concerns?”

After all, this is the same president who literally reads “end of quote” from the teleprompter, failing to distinguish between what he is supposed to say and the instructions he is supposed to follow.

So, it’s safe to say that Psaki’s pathetic ranting and raving is doing little to restore American credibility on stage. On the contrary, it’s destroying national security, especially as she continues to rant on and on.

“And he also pledged to stand up for human rights … And you saw the decision we made yesterday that’s — not made yesterday, but the announcement, I should say, made yesterday about the decision to not send a diplomatic presence to the Olympics, because he believes it needs to be more than words; it needs to be actions. And I think he is certainly delivering on his values and how he proposed he would be leading in the world.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

So, Biden’s “action” is basically to hide from Beijing the same way he hides in his basement. Got it.

No wonder conservative host Mark Levin is so concerned about impending threats from Russia, China, and other vastly more equipped nations with vastly more aggressive leaders.

“The electromagnetic threats to this country … they’re getting worse and worse and worse and our government’s doing very little about it.” [Source: The Blaze]

The government barely is prepared for cyberattacks, never mind electromagnetic threats, another major source of weakness that the Biden admin has apparently declined to address.

Levin, however, outlines just how devastating such an attack would be.

“A panel of experts at the Universal Peace Federation has now issued a warning on the growing threat of EMP or electromagnetic pulse weapons … Such an attack could knock out virtually all communications and other critical services of countries in a matter of minutes …

For long, experts have warned that key electrical infrastructure in the United States remains particularly vulnerable to an electromagnetic pulse attack or EMP likely to be orchestrated by China, North Korea, or even Russia. The Universal Peace Federation specialists have now said that the U.S. is at a pivotal moment if it wants to avoid a potential doomsday scenario.” [Source: The Blaze]

Seems like something the Biden admin should consider.

Hey, don’t worry in the meantime though: The Biden administration is boycotting the Olympics, so surely that will frighten the Russians and Chinese into submission …

Author: Jane Jones