Public Schools Begin BLM Brainwashing

On Monday, public schools in Washington D. C. announced their participation in a Black Lives Matters at School. This program, also known as a “Week of Action,” includes various objectives, including the disruption of “the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure” and the support of children choosing their own gender.

The Daily Wire obtained an e-mail wherein D.C. schools proclaimed their use of critical race theory (CRT) to create an educational curriculum for Black history Month. In addition, the e-mail also provided links to various resources from Teaching Tolerance, which falls under the umbrella of the Southern Poverty Law Center, as well as a video wherein public school teachers insist upon the important of anti-racism activism.

The entire school district’s platform comprises the “13 Guiding Principles” of BLM. These principles include transgender recognition and “restorative justice”, among several others. Furthermore, the “13 Guiding Principles” also call for the destruction of various “patriarchal” practices, including the requirement for mothers to care for their children so that they can participate more fully in “justice work.”

Moreover, this guide also calls for public schools to promote “Black Villages”, where children no longer belong to a nuclear family, but rather a community. In essence, they become communal children.

According to the guide, BLM is “committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family … by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another.”

BLM has also provided two different versions of this guide, which are available for children’s consumption. Whereas one version is written, the other version is a coloring book. Both versions further reinforced the “13 Guiding Principles”, including prompts and pictures to discuss the various principles. In addition, these books also encourage children to choose their own gender.

Per the guide, all individuals have “the right to choose their own gender ,,, and no one gets to choose for them.”

However, a central component of the public school districts Black History Month curriculum also calls for teachers to examine their own relationships with antiracism and abolition, as both theories are firmly ground in CRT. Per CRT, the United States is irrevocably ground in racism, and teachers are called to center classrooms around “black lives” concerns.

Consequently, teachers received a list of self-reflection questions. One self-reflection question instructed educations to reflect upon ways in which their teachings may “erase” minority students’ history, as well as “prevent [students] from bringing their [entire] selves” into the classroom.

Additional instructions for teachers included wearing BLM t-shirts during the first day of school and positing a video to social media, namely Twitter, to affirm BLM’s “teachings.”

The Education Chancellor of the District of Columbia, who approved all the curricula, declined to comment.

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