Rachel Maddow Reels Back Primetime Appearances

Famed MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow has decided to take a break from her primetime cable show in order to participate in a Ben Stiller movie production based on “Bag Man,” her 2020 book.

On Monday, the left-wing commentator confirmed that she will take “a few weeks off” her cable show.

Maddow became keen to take time off after having the chance to work on Ben Stiller’s “Big Man” production, which is based upon her 2020 book and 2018 podcast regarding a major political scandal that occurred over the course of the Nixon presidential administration.

After “a recent COVID exposure,” Maddow has been filming her most primetime shows from home, and she announced on Monday that “another hiatus” may arise again in her future, though for now she and her team “are just taking it one step at a time.”

Maddow’s announcement emerges in the wake of the publicity surrounding her new contract with MSNBC, which will pay her upwards of $30M through 2024. The popular anchor will also host special news broadcasts, potentially even during her temporary breaks.

On Monday, Maddow informed her audience that she would be on MSNBC during “major news events,” such as President Joe Biden’s “State of the Union” address.

Nonetheless, after her return to her regular nightly show, the MSNBC host intends to take additional time off in order to develop alternative ventures in the media industry, including podcasts and streaming.

Rashida Jones, the President of MSNBC, recently explained that the new contract will permit Maddow to create other properties for the network.

Some elements of the MSNBC network, for instance, “focus on documentaries … on long-form, scripted, unscripted, films, podcasts, audio, all of these things,” Jones remarked in the past year.

“Part of the process that we are figuring out with [Maddow] is how do we get exposure on more of those places?” Jones added.

The MSNBC President also expressed confidence in Maddow’s work, noting that the popular anchor host and her team consistently produce content “of high interest.”

In general, nightly ratings for Maddow’s show frequently surpass ratings for CNN, though her ratings fall significantly short of the average nightly ratings for Fox News programs.