Rand Paul Confronts Biden’s HHS Pick Over Heinous Views On Children

Sen. Rand Paul took Rachel Levine to task recently. The transgender nominee was appointed by Joe Biden to sit at the head of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Rand Paul, himself a doctor, pressed Levine on her views regarding transgender medical procedures. He specifically directed attention to the dangerous proposition of performing the following procedures on children: cosmetic genital surgery, drugs which damage bones, voice changes, and sterilization. Paul went on to draw a link between these medical practices and female genital mutilation, commonly abbreviated “FGM.”

Levine did not respond to Paul’s questions directly.

Cofounder of Partners for Ethical Care, Erin Brewer told Breitbart news that she is concerned that someone who doesn’t understand the relationship “between the body and the brain” is now in charge of “making policies for this country…”.

Levine has been criticized for touting a study from January 2020 which claimed that puberty-blocking drugs can be beneficial for children. That study was criticized subsequently by multiple authors.

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