Rand Paul Has a Genius-Level Idea To Weed Out Corrupt Politicians

GOP Senator Rand Paul (KY) called for Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley to not only testify, but also take a polygraph test regarding phone calls Milley allegedly made to China’s top military general without Donald Trump’s knowledge.

Paul argued that the United States cannot afford to “have generals talking to foreign countries and saying, hey, we think our president might bomb you, so be prepared.”

“That actually might cause an accidental war,” a flabbergasted Paul informed BlazeTV host Glenn Beck.

Washington Post reporters Bob Costa and Bob Woodward recently published a book that reveals General Milley became concerned that Trump might launch nuclear weapons, and he subsequently circumvented the ordinary chain of command in order to preclude any nuclear orders from being carried out.

Costa and Woodward also noted that the general held a secret meeting on January 8 in his Pentagon office, along with other military officials, in order to discuss the process for military action. This discussion included commentaries on potential nuclear strikes, and Milley firmly instructed individuals in attendance not to take any orders from anyone without his direct approval.

CNN observes that the book also details two backchannel phone calls that Milley held with the top general of China regarding the events unfolding in the United States. The general reportedly gave his assurances to the Chinese general that he would inform them about a surprise attack if one were ordered, and that he would take measures to mitigate the risk of Trump taking such an action.

Trump has subsequently accused Milley of treason, and numerous Republicans are calling for Biden to fire Milley due to his behavior with China.

Paul is one of the loudest proponents, noting that the Chinese could have easily made serious misinterpretations after Milley’s call, starting an accidental war as a result.

“We have different things that are launched into space all the time. Satellites, this and that. And they can be misinterpreted as a missile,” the Kentucky senator pointed out, adding that such a misinterpretation could lead to “nuclear war.”

Furthermore, Milley grossly violated the chain of command, which further classifies his actions as “incredibly dangerous.”

Paul also added that if Milley insinuated that he might deviate from the military chain of command, he should face being “court-martialed.”

In addition, Paul also weighed in on Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s testimony to the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee about the drone strike in Kabul, which is widely reported to have killed an aid worker, rather than a terrorist.

The Kentucky senator had asked Blinken about the incident repeatedly during the Senate hearing, though Blinken merely replied that he did not know the identity of the individual killed in the strike.

“Initially, they were bragging, that they got [this terrorist],” albeit “in an unclassified way,” Paul observed, though now an investigation is underway to determine who the drone strike really killed.

Paul notes the seriousness of killing an aid worker, especially since several young people were in the area where the drone strike occurred.

As a result, the senator warned that such an event can result in “hundreds and hundreds more potential terrorists that will hate America for generations.”