Rand Paul Pummels “Political Animal” Fauci

New year, new battle between Senator Rand Paul and “Medical Director” Anthony Fauci.

Guess who’s winning, as far as the facts are concerned?

Actually, guessing shouldn’t even factor into the response to that question, given that Fauci has already been busted for brazenly lying to Congress under the tenure of Biden, just as NSA officials were for widespread surveillance of Americans under the tenue of Obama.

Clearly, widespread surveillance and public deception comprise the Democrats’ core values, as these activities are some of the few ones in which Democrat actually take action.

Too bad that action is utterly detrimental to the needs of Americans, who only come to mind for the Democrats when they contemplate how many more taxes they can gouge out of them while simultaneously labeling them “domestic terrorists.”

However, Senator Paul has saliently revealed that if anyone’s criminal misdeeds should be focused upon, the spotlight should turn to none other than Dr. Fauci, who has routinely attempted to cover up his direct involvement in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Too bad Fauci is so deeply embedded in the Wuhan Institute of Virology that even Hilary Clinton probably couldn’t entirely erase his nefarious involvement.

Which is precisely why Paul directly targeted Fauci in his latest commentary against the nation’s medical health director.

“[Fauci] funded the lab,” Paul declared during an appearance on Fox News’s “The Story.”

“He tried to obscure the idea that he was giving money to the lab,” Paul continued to host Martha MacCallum, “and then he steadfastly, for two years, said it wasn’t gain of function, that they weren’t taking viruses that don’t exist in nature, creating them and creating viruses that are so dangerous that they could actually wipe out a portion of humanity.”

As documentation acquired via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reveals, Fauci did indeed participate in gain-of-function research, despite his vehement proclamations to the contrary.

On top of that, even more documentation has emerged regarding even more grant violations that occurred with the practices in Wuhan, China of the EcoHealth Alliance, the entity widely accused of having a role in the pandemic.

According to Matthew Lauer, who serves as the NIH Deputy Director, “[EcoHealth has] demonstrated a history of failure to comply with several elements of the terms and conditions of grant awards not only for these active awards, but also for the suspended award.”

Nice job, Fauci. The fact that he retains any authority at all could only be possible under the Biden administration or the Obama 2.0 administration (pick your poison).

Not only did Fauci lie to the public about his real role in the pandemic, but he also has lied repeatedly about the most effective means of preventing and treating the coronavirus.

This observation is beyond evident when Fauci colluded with an ex-NIH chief, as well as his former boss, Francis Collins, in order to initiate a “takedown” of highly respected epidemiologists about their theories regarding COVID mitigation.

“[Fauci and Collins] orchestrated a takedown campaign in the lay media, not in the scientific journals on the merits, but in the lay media,” Paul proclaimed, “and so [Fauci] didn’t want to answer my question.”

On top of that, Fauci attempted to deflect by accusing Paul of “[fomenting] violence,” as if the COVID pandemic he’s partially responsible for hasn’t “fomented” vastly worse violence, directly and indirectly, across the entire planet.

Then again, Fauci is hardly a real medical advisor; judging from his public arrogance and general lack of empathy (not to mention factual commentary), it is safe to say that Fauci is just another empty suit high on greed and short on morals.

In other words, the personification of the Democrat Party.

Which is precisely why Paul blasted Fauci as an effectively amoral “political animal.”

“He’s become a political animal and that everything he does every day is to further his political agenda, not the science,” Paul added gravely.

One can only hope that a number of “political animals” will be evicted in 2022, not to mention 2024 …

Author: Ofelia Thornton