Rand Paul Puts Bullseye On Federal Mask Mandates

Previously, GOP Sen. Rand Paul explicitly stated that he would introduce legislation designed to end federal mask mandates, which require all passengers to wear masks on airplanes.

This week, Paul has now introduced this legislation officially on Capitol Hill.

According to Paul, the federal government has continued to force Americans to wear masks on airplanes, in spite of “the fact that we’ve already reached herd immunity.” Thus, continued federal mask mandates are “ridiculous” and they must “end immediately,” Paul noted in his statement.

Consequently, Paul has opted to introduce the Travel Mask Mandate Repeal Act of 2021, which will cease “this nanny state mandate” for Americans to continue wearing masks on various forms of public transportation, including airplanes. Paul added that people are more than capable of evaluating their own “personal risk factors” in “a free country.” Moreover, they are also “smart enough” to make their own medical decisions, which include whether or not to wear a mask.

According to the wording of the Travel Mask Mandate Repeal Act of 2021, the federal government will be prohibited from engaging in “the imposition of mask mandates,” which not only includes mandates on airplanes, but also all other forms of public transportation. In addition, this legislation also aims to curtail the emergency powers currently used by Pete Buttigieg, the Transportation Secretary, who has used these powers in order to continue enforcing mask mandates.

In addition to Paul’s bill, GOP Congressman Andy Biggs is also anticipated to introduce a complementary bill in the House of Representatives before the end of the week.

Biggs asserted that zero scientific evidenced exists for the continued use of federal mask mandates across public transportation.

“Bottom line, mask mandates are old news,” Biggs asserted, and he added that the only individuals interested in continued mask mandates are the individuals who “relish controlling [Americans’] day-to-day lives.” Biggs also remarked that the COVID spread has collapsed, which means that “normal lives are returning.”

Ultimately, “it’s time for the CDC to follow the science” by “[ending] the tyrannical [COVID] restrictions once and for all,” Biggs concluded.