Ratings For DNC’s First Night Released, See The Result …

In perhaps the most unsurprising news of the week, the first night of the DNC Convention was not exactly a roaring success in terms of ratings. On the contrary, ratings released from the first night demonstrate a precipitous drop relative to 2016.

In 2016, 26 million viewers tuned into the televised opening night of the DNC; in contrast, the opening night in 2020 drew 19.7 million viewers, representing a 6.3 million drop in views. In other words, viewership declined by nearly 25 percent.

Of course, the Biden campaign is already scrambling for answers, and they insist that they actually gained 3 million viewers from online streaming.

However, no independent organization has verified these claims. In light of the fact that Michelle Obama was fact-checked by the Associated Press over her melodramatic wailings over the immigration policies that her husband started, it would not be surprising if a fact-check of the Biden campaign’s claim of more viewers.

Try as they might, the Democrats just cannot hide the fact that there is a noted absence of enthusiasm for their candidate. He drew a tepid response at best last fall, and he has made a series of questionable comments over the past several months. These comments are even more questionable given that Biden rarely speaks from his basement, much less in public.

As seen in the image below, a much higher percentage of conservative voters are “very enthusiastic” about voting, with a whopping 82% “very motivated to vote.” Furthermore, 90% of conservatives are following the election very closely. The most telling statistic is that only 57% of liberal voters are “very enthusiastic” about voting. No matter how much “flash” the DNC tries to add to its hilarious excuse of a convention, they just can’t hide the truth about Biden.

In addition, the tactics used to oust Bernie Sanders as a serious candidate, with the most obvious being Warren’s remaining in the race for the California primaries, likely won’t sit well with the most radical of radical Sanders supporters, many of whom have become even noisier online after Biden’s intriguing choice of a running mate.

In fact, Biden’s first major public appearance in ages occurred when he was accompanied by Ms. Harris, sparking rumors that she may be the real candidate, or certainly the one really running the country if Biden were to win. Terrifying thought.

If Biden’s message is to promote more tolerance and less police, then choosing a former prosecutor known for locking up thousands over minor drug charges might not have been the greatest idea.

Then again, “you ain’t black” isn’t exactly the greatest idea either. Taking a certain demographic for granted is never a good idea in politics, as the 2016 results showed the Democrats; publicizing that a certain demographic is taken for granted, as Biden did in that infamous interview, is an even worse idea.

While his continuous racial gaffes keep the fake news media very busy as they scramble for increasingly implausible excuses for Biden’s Freudian slips, other Black Americans are becoming fed up with Democratic policies and speaking out in increasing numbers against the parties.

One of the most promising rising stars in the GOP includes Kimberly Klack of Baltimore, who has rightfully pointed out that nothing favorable has occurred for Blacks in the city, despite 53 years of Democratic “leadership.” Since the fake news media cannot exactly call her out as a racist, they just avoid discussing her and promote Michelle Obama instead, who has handsomely benefitted from the white privilege she claims to hate.

Furthermore, in light of the fact that COVID-19 rates of hospitalizations have continued to fall at record numbers, Democrats are also sure to avoid discussions of easing restrictions and other measures, despite the fact that more than one study has been released that shows lockdowns are more deadly to people than anything else, given the economic and psychological ramifications of them.

It is almost as if the Democrats want the nation to remain mired in illness and economic turmoil, with just about everyone as miserable as possible.

Oh wait, they do. At least until November 3. Too bad the overall decline or virus is steadily chipping away at the justification for mass mail-in voting, as much as Pelosi would wish otherwise.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see how the ratings continue to pan out over the next few days, particularly when the DNC is featuring such stellar speakers like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

One might wonder about the choice of Bill Clinton in the MeToo era, but as we’ve seen repeatedly, the Democrats are not exactly renowned for their absence of hypocrisy.

It will be quite interesting to see the response to the RNC Convention, which is set to begin on August 24, 2020.

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