Red Wave Powers Early Primary Voting

Democrats, beware.

Because a massive red wave of unprecedented proportions is likely barreling straight towards the directionless lefties in November.

In Georgia, a key state in the 2020 election, early voting has already amplified to an exponential degree, largely powered by a growing red wave. Last week,180,620 ballots were cast for the upcoming May 24 primary, a significant increase over the 53,701 ballots cast during the same period in 2018.

Hey, Democrats should be thrilled – they ARE calling for higher levels of voter turnout, after all, especially in light of the so-called “suppression” endured by voters in Georgia.

So “oppressive” voters have already been voting weeks in advance of the May 24 end date.

Even better, Republicans make up 57 percent of the early ballots, as opposed to 42 percent of Democrats.

Cue the music for some other bizarre form of invented “suppression” to emerge.

Basically, Democrats are doing exactly what Trump said they would do, which is why they are in the predicament they are in.

Life is especially sweet for Trump at this point in time, especially considering the stellar performance of all his endorsed candidates to date.

With dozens of successes following several primary elections, Trump’s endorsement power is set to test the waters yet again, specifically via his advocacy of David Perdue over incumbent Brian Kemp.

“David Perdue will fight for Georgia, and he is the only Republican who can beat Stacey ‘The Hoax’ Abrams, because MAGA voters will not come out to vote for Kemp. Very sadly, a Kemp win will negatively affect the great Herschel Walker’s race for the Senate – it will be very hard for him to win with Kemp on the ticket,” Trump proclaimed.

Seriously. Imagine Abrams as Governor of Georgia, given how much power the media has already given her despite her contributions primarily consisting of hate-filled diatribes and baseless accusations.

Not to mention her self-recusing judge sister, which was a tad suspicious.

Exactly why Trump calls for powerful leadership.

“Don’t let the Democrats, or the RINOs, win in Georgia. Vote for David Perdue, a really wonderful man who will be a great governor!” Trump urged.

The potential 2024 candidate also noted that it might be difficult to defeat Kemp, especially as Kemp has a higher popularity score than Perdue.

“It is not easy to beat an incumbent, however, if our voters turn out, David Perdue will win in a landslide,” Trump acknowledged, “a lot is on the line, including record-setting crime, which Brian Kemp has done nothing about, letting great communities like Buckhead be overrun by theft, murders, shootings, and drug deals.”

Tell it like it is, Trump. It just might save a life.

Georgia is hardly the only state poised for a red wave, as neighboring Florida with remarkable Governor Ron DeSantis has steered the state straight towards a red direction.

Specifically, the number of Republicans overtook Democrats in late 2021, which contrasts strongly with the fact that Democrats outnumbered Republicans by 700,000 in 2008.

Nelson Diaz, former chair of the Miami-Dade County Republican Party and current GOP lobbyist, believing that COVID significantly intensified conservative attitudes in Florida.

“There’s one word and it’s COVID,” Diaz remarked, “it made red states redder and blue states bluer. It gave people like Ron DeSantis a platform to stand for freedom, and it gave Democrats in Democrat states a plan to stand for mandates.”

Absolutely. On one side, freedom reigns. On the other … Democrats reign.

Democrats love to scream and shout about injustices in prison, yet the see no issue in effectively putting people on house arrest in their own homes.

“They are Republicans fed up with their blue laws in their blue states … or they’re just independent-minded people to begin with, and they’re just fed up with these blue states, and they’re enjoying the freedom that Florida has to offer,” Diaz detailed.

Absolutely. And it’s the independent-minded that will prevail.

Fernand Amandi, a pollster and consultant based in Miami, is deeply disturbed by the conservative trend, clearly longing for independent thinking to not prevail.

Amandi’s firm assisted Barack Obama’s campaign with achieving victory in 2008 and 2012, which is fairly indicative of his views towards freedom.

“When you look at what’s taken place from a numbers perspective, there’s tremendous reason for concern,” Amandi brayed.

Funny. That comment would certainly apply to the 2020 election …

Author: Jane Jones