Rep. Cawthorn Reveals Spectacular Plot Against The Swamp

“I really want to drain the swamp.”

In a recent interview with Fox News digital, the youngest representative in Congress, GOP Representative Madison Cawthorn, pronounced his desire to drain the swamp, which has long since passed the festering phase.

Which is precisely why Cawthorn, as a young, patriotic American hailing from North Carolina and representing a young, conservative generation is keen on changing the nation’s government for the better, in particular the fact that representatives appear to treat the United States like a personal piggy bank rather than the sacred, exceptional nation that it is.

Unsurprisingly, those same representatives end up “serving” in Washington, D.C. well past a period of time in which they may have been effective.

Case in point: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In the spirit of various despots and their cronies around the world, Pelosi has apparently served in Congress for more time than Cawthorn has been alive, clearly drunk on her own political power, especially when that power is accompanied by accumulating upwards of $300M over her years of “service,” courtesy of her husband’s curiously timed trade.

AOC is following right in Pelosi’s footsteps, with her “Tax the Rich” dress appearance at the $35,000 per ticket Met Gala, representing an especially astonishing display of privilege for someone who spends all her “working hours” railing against it.

It is quite remarkable that Cawthorn is several years younger than AOC, as the former bartender could understandably be mistaken for the youngest.

Clearly, the 26-year-old Cawthorn demonstrates a rather acute difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Which is especially clear in the formal language of his resolution, which exactly zero lifelong politicians would be happy about.

Just consider Section 1.

“No person who has served six terms as a Representative shall be eligible for election to the House of Representatives.”

Well, that would immediately retire quite a few long-term swamp dwellers in the house.

Cawthorn hasn’t forgotten about the Senate either, which is clear in Section 2.

“No person who has served two terms as a Senator shall be eligible for election or appointment to the Senate.”

That would immediately retire quite a few lifelong representatives in the Senate as well, including none other than the endlessly free market-hating Bernie Sanders, who has curiously become a multimillionaire in spite of his alleged hatred of the free markets.

As exciting as this resolution is, it will certainly face challenges gaining traction in the immediate future.

Cawthorn made it clear that he is proposing “an amendment to the Constitution of the United States,” which would endure a tremendous uphill battle, given the need for super-majority approval in both chambers, alongside ratification from three-quarters of the states.

That said, the battle would be well worth it if it secures the future intended by the Founding Fathers for the United States.

“I think the American people deserve a class of elected officials that aren’t entrenched in Washington, D.C. because once you’ve been here for over 12 years, you stop to repel the swamp, and I think you kind of start to morph into it,” Cawthorn noted.

He’s exactly right.

And while the Squad is already aiming for reelection again, undoubtedly envisioning a future personal circumstance as wealthy as Pelosi’s present personal circumstance, Cawthorn has his eyes on who really matters: the American people.

“If you’re not able to accomplish your goals in over a decade, I really don’t want you to represent me anyway,” Cawthorn declared.

In other words, neither Joe Biden nor Bernie Sanders would stand a chance. Or, for that matter, pretty much the rest of the lifelong “public servants” that live more richly than the vast majority of people who they theoretically represent.

However, with representatives as young, conservative, and dedicated as Cawthorn, the perpetual shrieks of AOC and other Democrat antics suddenly become more tolerable, if not downright humorous.

After all, thinkers and planners like Cawthorn, rather than opportunists like AOC, tend to win in the long run.

Author: Jane Jones