Republicans Send Biden a Little 4th of July “Gift” — Take a Look

South Dakota is sending their own National Guard forces to help Texas in protecting the southern border.

“Tomorrow morning I am officially unveiling that 50 National Guard troops will go to Texas to aid in securing our border,” Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem said via Twitter. “The Biden White House has failed to protect America. We shouldn’t have to make our own communities more vulnerable by sending our police to solve Biden’s border problem.”

The South Dakota national guardsmen will help others from Nebraska and Florida. Republican Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts said last week that he would send troops to Texas to help Republican Governor Greg Abbott stop illegals and drug smuggling into the state. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced previously this month that Florida would give national guardsmen to the state of Texas as well as Arizona.

Abbott was joined by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) to pen a letter on June 10 asking for aid from other states in lowering illegal immigration along the border. The governors rightly put the blame on the Biden administration for allowing an open border to lead to an unprecedented crisis.

“Securing our border is the federal government’s job. But the Biden White House has proven they are not willing to do this job,” the governors said. “This failure to push for federal immigration laws causes problems that spill over into other States.”

“The cartels cause great harm and their fentanyl victims are nationwide. The convicted criminals they bring in will bring recidivism with them to a great many of our communities. And although people are coming to our border from places as far away as Uzbekistan, the cartels are not exactly screening for threats to America,” the letter added.

“In response to the continuing surge of illegals, Gov. Abbott has declared a disaster and Gov. Ducey has issued an emergency,” the letter continued. “Given the amount of violations now happening in Arizona and Texas, more manpower is needed from any state that can help. By working together, we can capture more of these criminals, before they can do more harm to your State and our State.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire