Rick Scott Shreds Biden Over Ridiculous Policies

Senator Rick Scott, a GOP representative from Florida, harshly criticized the Biden administration on Thursday. Scott argued that Americans do not want open borders, and the Biden administration is presently “violating the law” through halting all construction on the border wall.

Asserting that the Biden administration is “absolutely violating the law.” Scott noted that Congress had previously appropriated the funds for the border wall, and this appropriation had been signed off by Trump. Thus, by arbitrarily stopping the construction of the wall and engaging in other immigration policies instead, Biden is in clear violation of legal statues.

Scott also noted that he himself was going to travel to the Souther border to see “exactly” what is going on, especially after hearing reports of 100,000 people detailed in the past month, 10 percent of which are children. 

“They’re opening up unaccompanied minor facilities and they’re shutting down ICE facilities,” Scott continued, “that makes no sense.”

Scott concluded by pleading for Biden to travel down to the Southern border, which has clearly grown into a crisis of Biden’s own creation, and he affirmed Americans’ desire for secure borders once more.

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