Rockstar Hurls Curveball At COVID Mandates

The famed freedom-loving rockstar Kid Rock recently hurled a major curveball at various coronavirus mandates by declaring that he would cancel appearances at any venues that have vaccine or mask mandates over the course of his Bad Reputation summer tour.

In a Facebook video statement, Kid Rock declared that significant discussions have arisen regarding “vaccine mandates and venues,” especially in terms of individuals opting out of going to certain venues due to various COVID mandates.

“Trust me, we’ve done all our research on this and the consensus says that all this is going to be done,” Kid Rock proclaimed in reference to his planned cancellations at venues with strict COVID restrictions.

“I’m not aware of any [of these types of venues], but if there are any, they’re going to be gone by the time we get to your city,” the rockstar added.

The popular musician has recorded two songs that speak out strongly against vaccine and mask mandates, as well as against the federal government’s ongoing overreach under the guise of the pandemic.

The songs, “We the People” and “Don’t Tell Me How to Live,” are precisely why Kid Rock will cancel performances at venues that insist on mask or vaccine mandates.

“If you think I’m going to sit out there and sing [those songs] while people are holding up their f—–g vaccine cards and wearing masks, that s–t ain’t happening,” the singer drawled.

Some venues have already been struck from the musician’s tour, including venues in Buffalo, New York and Toronto, Canada, which is “kind of unfortunate,” per Kid Rock.

“Because I don’t want to deal with that s–t either, and I know that you don’t,” the singer continued, adding that the “liberal media” can go ahead and take its “clickbait for tomorrow” in order to “f–k with [him].”

In the recently released song “We the People,” Kid Rock takes aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci and President Joe Biden, including “Let’s Go Brandon” chants.

The popular singer also spoke favorably about former President Donald J. Trump, saying he’d just gotten off the phone with the nation’s 45th, and “hopefully 47th,” president.

“He expressed how proud of me he was over ‘We The People’ being the #1 song on iTunes!” Kid Rock proudly proclaimed.

“Suck on that you trolls, critics and haters!” he added.