Romney Faces Brutal Reckoning For Impeachment Vote

If you’re like most Patriots, you’re probably wishing that Mitt Romney would just get it over with and switch over to the Democrat Party. After all, he sides with them on virtually everything, including the most partisan of political practices.

And, based on the most recent reports, it is clear that Mr. Romney might be regretting his impeachment vote, which, predictably, was in favor of impeaching Trump.

Romney should be acknowledged for voting affirmatively on Amy Cony Barrett, in spite of some simpering statement he apparently felt compelled to release over his vote.

Even more interestingly, Romney based his affirmative vote for Amy Cony Barrett on the Constitution in a formal statement.

“Amy Coney Barrett is a highly-respected jurist with distinguished legal and academic credentials. My constitutional role to provide advice and consent on a Supreme Court nomination is one of my most serious responsibilities as a senator, and I believe our next justice must faithfully apply the law and our Constitution, impartially and regardless of policy preferences. I look forward to meeting with Judge Barrett, reviewing her record thoroughly, and carefully evaluating her qualifications.” [Source: U.S. Senate]

While Romney did vote properly for SCOTUS, one does wonder why Romney would ignore that same Constitution for an incredibly consequential (not to mention incredibly wrong) impeachment proceeding.

And, as it turns out, American Patriots aren’t the only ones wondering.

Utah GOP representatives are wondering also, which is precisely why Mr. Romney is now facing potential censure for his rather unconstitutional vote, one that further aligned him with the insidious left.

Which is precisely why they are now circulating a petition throughout social media calling for censure of Romney, due to his failure in “[representing] the average conservative Utah Republican voter,” not to mention his “[misrepresentation of] himself as a Republican.”

“Romney has prioritized his personal and political vendetta against President Donald J. Trump ahead of the Constitution of the United States, the interest of We, the People, and the advancement of the Republican Platform …

Romney has condoned false and misleading statements that have led the 117th Congress of the United States to further conduct an illegal and unconstitutional 2nd Impeachment proceeding against President Donald J. Trump.”
[Source: News Max]

In other words, Romney permitted his personal hatred of Trump to violate Trump’s own civil liberties, including the 14th, 5th, 4th, and 1st amendments.

Way to go Romney.

Personal and political vendetta indeed. No matter what Romney tries to claim, he clearly suffers from an acute state of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

Furthermore, Romney also voted in favor of impeaching Trump during Impeachment 1.0, further underscoring his inability to separate hating Trump from representing his constituents.

After all, who could forget Romney’s “open mind” statement?

“I’m going to keep an open mind and I’m going to wait to make comments on any evidence … I want to see the facts.” [Source: CNBC]

Would those be the same “facts” that Comey provided, Romney? Romney might want to pay attention to the latest headlines on Comey …

Unsurprisingly, given Romney’s focus on alternative facts, he quickly became the target of Trump’s wrath shortly after his affirmative vote during the first impeachment trial. And, unlike what the fake news media has to say, Trump also directly linked Romney to Hunter’s antics in the Ukraine, which raises even more questions about Romney’s real motivations.

“Mitt Romney is tied to Hunter Biden’s Burisma corruption. This is why he’s bent over backwards for the media with this show ‘guilty’ vote … He doesn’t want this story EXPOSED!” [Source: Politico]

Whether it is extreme envy over Trump’s ascendency to the presidency or simply over the fact that Romney is one of the least closeted RINOs, the senator simply cannot resist stirring up as much trouble as possible, and he has long been one of Trump’s most vocal critics.

So vocal, in fact, that one almost wonders if Pelosi and Co. are somehow in secret cahoots with him.

One also wonders what else Trump may expose, especially as 2022 approaches …

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