Romney Gets a Dose Of Reality That He Just Can’t Handle

Romney recently received a dose of reality when he was loudly booed after taking the stage at the organizing convention for the Utah Republican Party. The phrases “traitor” and “communist” were among the phrases levied against Romney, per The Salt Lake Tribune.

Romney, one of the most well-known conservative enemies of Trump, recently made an appearance before more than 2,100 delegated at the Maverik Center, located in Salt Lake City. As he strode towards the lantern to present to the audience, loud boos greeted him from the conservative crowd. While some cheers could be heard for the failed presidential nominee, the boos resoundingly outweighed the cheers, as evidenced by various videos posted online.

In an attempt to calm the raging crowd, Romney meekly inquired as to to crowd’s thoughts regarding Biden’s first 100 days in office before segueing into self-aggrandizing commentary regarding his purported honesty.

“I don’t hide the fact that I wasn’t a fan of our last president’s character issues,” Romney remarked, which merely drew additional boos from the audience.

When Romney inquired whether or not the crowd was “embarrassed,” the boos and jeers merely continued at an even more intense level, only subsiding when Derek Brown, the Utah GOP Chair, requested for the audience to “please show respect.” In response, the crowd applauded.

During the same convention, the Utah GOP also voted on whether or not to censure Romney after his affirmative impeachment vote, and Romney narrowly missed censure by a vote of 798 to 911.

Though Romney is not up for reelection in 2022, other fierce Trump critics, including Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, are. In the case of Murkowski, the Alaska GOP did vote in favor of censuring Murkowski.