School Board Stokes “Domestic Terrorism” Claims

Recently, a school board member in Loudon County stoked further “domestic terrorism” claims against parents by citing threats of violence as the key reason for her resignation.

Beth Barts allegedly received threats of violence, which is what encouraged her to resign.

According to the Loudoun Times Mirror, numerous school board members have been the recipients of multiple threats via email. As a result of the alleged emails, Barts announced her resignation from the school board on October 15.

Prior to Barts’s resignation, multiple parents across Loudon County had made a serious effort to remove Barts from the school board. One of the most serious reasons underlying their motivation includes Bart’s brazen involvement with a Facebook group filled with school board members, who openly contemplated various ways to aggressively push critical race theory (CRT) across multiple county schools.

Per the parents, Barts’s behavior in a private Facebook group clearly was in violation of the transparency laws in Virginia.

Per revelations in the Loudoun Times Mirror, school board members allegedly received emails that encouraged them to commit suicide, or expressed desires for school board members to be set on fire.

In a less graphic email, one parent warned that the kids of school board members “will now be targeted” in the same way that the school board has “targeted all [their] kids.”

“If you have no kids, your relative’s kids will be targeted,” the email continued.

According to Barts, she apparently “realized literally that there was nothing [she] could do” to assure the safety of her family if an author of the e-mail opted to “follow through with their threats.”

She subsequently began drafting her resignation letter.

In Washington, D.C., threats aimed towards various school board officials have quickly become a top concern of the Biden administration, notably after the National School Boards Association (NSBA) sent an aggressively worded letter to the White House.

Throughout the letter, the NSBA claimed that parental protest at school board meetings constituted domestic terrorism. The organization subsequently demanded for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to launch an investigation into the parents via the Patriot Act, which was passed shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In addition, Attorney General Merrick Garland also proclaimed that the NSBA letter served as the catalyst for creating a joint DOJ-FBI task force for investigating alleged threats against members of school boards.

The NSBA letter resulted in enormous public controversy, to the extent that the national organization recently apologized for its letter. Nonetheless, various state school board associates severed their ties with the NSBA after its initial letter that encouraged labeling parents domestic terrorists.

Despite the NSBA’s apology, Garland has doubled down on the DOJ-FBI task force, defending the force’s anti-parent objectives during a Wednesday hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.