Schumer Threatens Boycott Of Infrastructure Package, See Why …

Chuck Schumer, the current Senate Majority Leader, just proclaimed that he will not support any infrastructure bill that does not include enormous provisions for varied environmental policies, bringing to mind the “Green New Deal” initiative.

“I will not pass an infrastructure package that does not reduce carbon pollution,” Schumer brayed, adding that carbon pollution must be reduced “at a scale commensurate” with the purported urgency of the climate change crisis. Schumer was commenting in response to Biden’s enormous $3.5T initiative, which is presumably dedicated to improving the infrastructure of the nation.

Schumer also insisted, “we’re united … as we move forward” in regards to the climate crisis that has been created. Thus, the Senate will ensure to focus intensely on massive investments to “tackle” various issues, including “environmental justice” and “climate crisis.”

Schumer also argued that spending trillions upon trillions of dollars on various spending proposals will assist with easing “inflation pressures,” validating a Moody’s report that he released approximately a week ago.

Within this report, concerns over inflation are presumably “overdone,” as the “additional fiscal support” has been apparently crafted to improve the long-term growth potential of the economy, as well as “ease inflation pressures.”

Consequently, Schumer is continuing to push the report from Moody’s, in spite of the fact that the Producer Price Index has increased by 7.3 percent over the past year, using this past June as a reference point, which is the highest level of demand in more than a decade. This past May, the index increased by only one percent.

Moreover, during the Trump administration, this index increased by only 0.2 percent each month on average.

Furthermore, numerous voters who are legally registered directly fault Biden for skyrocketing inflation. Specifically, 59 percent of these voters believe that the various economic policies pushed by the Biden administration are responsible for the increase in inflation across the United States, which stands in contrast to only 53 percent of individuals who indicate America’s “return to pre-pandemic behaviors” are also responsible.

The remarkably expensive package is due to become public the following month, once the team of self-proclaimed Socialist Bernie Sanders (I-VT) finishes all of its elements.