Secretary Of State Stuns With Remark On Foreign Enemy

During a recent interview, Anthony Blinken, the Secretary of State, recently announced that the United States cannot afford to “not [deal]” with China.

Blinken also highlighted the fact that China does pose a threat, as well as the possibility of completely challenging or undermining global order.

Blinken’s comments follow recent commentary made by Mike Pompeo, the previous Secretary of State. Recently, Pompeo warned that the Biden administration is likely unprepared for a serious confrontation with China.

In response, Blinken noted that Xi’s administration has become significantly more hostile in the past few years, though the goal of the White House is not necessarily to police China.

According to Blinken, the goal of the White House does not center on “[containing] China,” but rather attempting to keep China under control. Blinken also added that the main objective of the White House is to reinforce the “rules-based order” that the nation of China is presently challenging.

Moreover, Blinken also commented that American efforts to thwart China would be “profoundly” against the interests of both Americans and the Chinese in terms of military conflict.