Sen. Blackburn Exposes “Soft On Crime” Nominee

In recent remarks to Newsmax, Senator Marsha Blackburn declared that “serious concerns” have arisen regarding Ketanji Brown Jackson, the Supreme Court Justice nominee selected by the Biden administration.

Blackburn declared that the Republicans retain “serious concerns” about Jackson’s overall record as a judge, in particular “the way that she has conducted business,” in direct reference to individuals that Jackson has ostensibly worked with in the private sphere.

During her appearance on “Wake Up America,” Blackburn detailed Jackson’s previous experience with the U.S. Sentencing Commission, a position that she ascended to after being appointed by former President Barack Obama in 2008.

According to Blackburn, this commission has been “repeatedly” overturned via the appellate court, “where she now has then seat.”

As a result, the Republican senator plans to focus on Jackson’s decisions on the committee after she was appointed by Obama, as well as her judicial philosophy in general, which, from appearances at least, appears to be relatively “soft on crime.”

One of the “serious concerns” expressed by Blackburn includes Jackson’s “sentencing practices” in terms of “hardened criminals,” including the release of 1,500 criminals during the pandemic.

“These are hardened criminals,” Blackburn declared, “and they ought not to be put back on the streets.”

In general, Biden’s Supreme Court pick has apparently gone for “the minimum,” rather than “the maximum” in terms of sentencing various dangerous criminals, including pedophiles.

Jackson also appears to espouse the belief that the current judicial system is “coercive system,” which is of grave concern to the Republican Party, especially since Jackson remains opaque about her position on court-packing.