Sen. Cramer Shreds Impeachment

In the past few days, Americans have observed many strong statements from Republicans regarding the second impeachment trial against Trump. Several have pointed out it is a waste of time, while others have noted that the Democrats are primarily engaging in political theater. However, GOP Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota has delivered the most compelling statements yet regarding the second impeachment trial.

“Welcome to the stupidest week in the Senate,” Cramer proclaimed, before continuing to criticize Pelosi for sending congressional representatives home instead of continuing to work for the American people.

In addition, Cramer also shredded impeachment proceedings, arguing that it “is not a process we should use flippantly.” Nonetheless, Cramer also notes that Pelosi’s perception of Trump’s presumed demeaning of the Oval Office has resulted in her “making a mocker of Congress and one of the most serious institutions in our country.”

Cramer also added, “it’s disgusting.”

After these remarks, Cramer then delivered a message from all Senate Republicans, arguing that the Senate should work collaboratively “to defeat coronavirus” and “to rebuild our economy.”

GOP Senator Marco Rubio of Florida also weighed in on the impeachment proceedings, noting that “there isn’t a single American” that will be able to receive a COVID vaccine, gainful employment, and basic national security as a result of the impeachment trial.

Rubio also added that he wishes the Senate would focus more on the vaccines and economy, as well as other “challenges before our country.”

In his closing commentary, Rubio added that the Senate should not be focused “on a trial to impeach a president who’s no longer in office.”

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