Sen. Tim Scott Takes Firm Stand On Impeachment

During an interview on Monday afternoon with Fox News, South Carolina GOP Senator Tim Scott was asked about his views regarding Trump’s impeachment trial, which begins on February 9.

This past January, Scott voted affirmatively on a resolution that argued that the impeachment of a former president is completely unconstitutional.

Trump’s defense team also makes a similar argument, stating that his January 6 speech is wholly protected under the First Amendment. Furthermore, they also state that “incitement” is not supported by evidence.

In addition, Trump’s legal team has also observed that the House impeachment managers have focused on irrelevancies dating back to August of last year, yet they remain quiet “on one very chilling fact.”

The “chilling fact” is that the Capitol Hill breach was planned multiple days in advance of Trump’s January 6 speech, which took place at the Ellipse. Trump’s lawyers also add that after the Capitol Hill breach took place, “the Capitol Police, the NYPD, and the FBI all had prior warning that there was going to be an attack on the Capitol.”

In addition, members of Democrat leadership have also stated, on the record, that they believed riots at Capitol Hill were pre-planned, though these statements took place “subsequent to January 6, 2021”, as noted by Trump’s legal team. In fact, House Democrat Whip James C. Clyburn “accused fellow House members” of being “co-conspirators” by “planning and coordinating” the attack well in advance.

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