Senate Silently Passes Anti-Mandate Measure

As only six Democrats were absent during a recent gathering of the Senate, Republican senators were finally able to successfully vote against the vaccine mandate inflicted by President Joe Biden on healthcare workers.

According to the Hill, the senators voted 49-44 against the measure.

Through the invocation of the Congressional Review Act (CRA), the Republicans were able to force the vote. The CRA is a tool that is typically used to overturn various rules that have been issued by different federal agencies.

Fortunately, since six Democrats failed to appear, the Republicans were able to easily win the vote.

The resolution against the vaccine mandates had been originally proposed by Senator Roger Marshall, a Republican from Kansas.

Previously, Biden’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers at any facilities that accept Medicaid or Medicare, was enforced through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The vaccine mandate effectively covered all healthcare facilities, as virtually every major healthcare center in the United States accepts either of these federal programs.

“If it passes this won’t go anywhere in the House and President Biden would veto it,” an aide informed The Hill.

The six Democrats who were absent from the vote include the following: Senator Tina Smith, Minnesota; Senator Alex Padilla, California; Senator Ben Ray Luján, New Mexico; Senator Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota; Senator Dianne Feinstein, California; and Senator Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin.

Only one Republican senator, Sen. James Inhofe, was not present for the vote, and the senator is set to retire in the near-future.

Unsurprisingly, the vote ran straight down party lines, with Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Angus King voting alongside the Democrats.