Senator Throws Biden Team a Massive Curveball

If the videos of thousands upon thousands of Honduran migrants marching towards the United States, with more than one of them clearly predisposed to violence, have inspired a sense of deep discouragement, it is completely understandable.

After all, the United States is still reeling from the pandemic, in large part due to the Democrats’ oh so courteous and utterly anti-liberty lockdowns, also known as restrictive measures that have significantly damaged the American economy. Meanwhile, Biden’s apparent top ally, China, roars ahead in manufacturing and a number of other endeavors, to the degree that numerous new billionaires have emerged while the rest of the world suffers (perhaps Hunter is already acquainted with a few of them).

Quite the contrast between Trump and Biden when it comes to manufacturing jobs. In that Trump prefers promoting American jobs, rather than Chinese wealth. Biden, on the other hand, seems to prefer … the other approach. Which entails not only enriching China, but also openly promoting open borders.

However, despite all the gloom, a silver lining of favorable news has appeared, as newly elected Senator Josh Hawley refused to “fast track” Biden’s DHS Nominee, Alejandro Mayorkas, a nominee apparently has an aversion to providing specific, clear answers to rather pertinent questions involving national security.

Hawley, however, like most prepared (true) conservatives, had a veritable laundry list of reasons for why he was not on board with fast tracking Mayorkas.

Starting with Mayorkas’s unwillingness to respect the law, which appears to be a standard “value” in the Democrat Party today. In fact, they openly advocate destroying law enforcement entities. Which Hawley fervently disagrees with, along with an absurd “amnesty” plan for 11 million illegal immigrants.

Thus, unlike the generalized replies of Mayorkas, Hawley provided very specific reasoning for why fast tracking a DHS nominee should not occur, taking into account the most basic elements of national security (of course, such elements are irrelevant to jet-setting communist elites, who enjoy luxury behind their walled off compounds).

“On Day 1 of his administration, President-elect Biden has said he plans to unveil an amnesty plan for 11 million immigrants in this nation illegally … This comes at a time when millions of American citizens remain out of work and a new migrant caravan has been attempting to reach the United States. Mr. Mayorkas has not adequately explained how he will enforce federal law and secure the southern border given President-elect Biden’s promise to roll back major enforcement and security measures …

Just today, he declined to say he would enforce the laws Congress has already passed to secure the border wall system.” [Source: Fox News]

Ultimately, Hawley wisely concluded that he could not, in good conscience, approve to fast-track a DHS nominee who appears unwilling or unable to address serious issues regarding immigration.

“Given this, I cannot consent to skip the standard vetting process and fast-track this nomination when so many questions remain unanswered.”
[Source: Town Hall]

Senators like Hawley are desperately needed more than ever in the wake of Biden’s inauguration, wherein 200,000 flags, rather than people, will “represent the missing crowd” comprising supposed attendees.

Oh, and don’t forget the tens of thousands of National Guard, because Biden is apparently so popular with his 80M+ votes that he also needs a military presence to be sworn in (one of the many rather odd observations surrounding Biden’s “presidency”).

Ironically, the National Guard has probably undergone more background checks at this point than any of the illegal immigrants ever will, with 12 already removed for likely nonsense reasons. Perhaps one of them dared to say “MAGA” one time four years ago, and that alone is cause for suspicion.

Interestingly, Biden does not seem to have the same concern for thousands of migrants huddled up together, storming violently towards the United States, but everyone knows the Democrats are nothing but smoke and mirrors. Albeit very dangerous ones.
Needless to say, the only clear crowd Biden has managed to attract has been hordes upon hordes of non-socially distanced illegal immigrants.

One can only hope that Trump truly can commence a widely rumored Patriot Party, which would give the swamp the shakeup it really deserves. If he does, Hawley would be a fantastic addition.

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