Sheriff Throws Liberal Governor Massive Curveball

While the fake news media has ordered Americans to cancel Thanksgiving, Biden has taken things even further by proclaiming Thanksgiving 2021 may not exist if Americans do not choose to avoid their family and loved ones on one of the most important family gatherings of the year.

In fact, Thanksgiving is arguably needed more this year than ever, given the immense stress and division that has plagued the United States for the entirety of the year. Of course, anything Americans need is something the leftists want to destroy, so it should come as no surprise that the greatest of leftist sympathizers have instituted the most draconian measures.

All in the name of “fighting the virus”, which has an impressive survival rate of 99.8 percent.

However, what these ultra-leftist liberal loony tunes fail to realize is that it probably is not the best idea to completely alienate their police forces if they expect them to actually enforce laws that you pass. And, apparently, expect them to enforce mandates that are not even formal laws, something that the mobster-like Cuomo, who wishes to “deck Trump” doesn’t get.

At least three New York county sheriffs have politely declined to enforce Cuomo’s utterly unconstitutional, not to mention utterly groundless, Thanksgiving mandates, which effectively encourage the police to behave in a manner similar to the infamous Gestapo.

In classic Democrat fashion, Cuomo simply invented arbitrary numbers that he insists will help prevent “super spreader events”, and he has subsequently insisted on an absolute max of 10 people per household. Or else.

Needless to say, this command is neither legal nor an official law, which is precisely why law enforcement departments have opted not to enforce a communist’s draconian whims.

For instance, Saratoga County promptly issued a press release that openly states its intentions to ignore Cuomo’s increasingly communist behavior.

“I can’t see how devoting our resources to counting cars in citizens’ driveways or investigating how much turkey and dressing they’ve purchased is for the public good.” [Source: The Blaze]

Right on, Sheriff Michael Zurlo!

Plus, what’s even more humorous is the addition of “they’ve purchased”, considering the maniacal looters, otherwise known as the darlings of the left, oftentimes fail to purchase their own massive electronics and other grand theft, all in the name of “racial justice.”

Furthermore, “our resources” is another sly jab, given that New York has rapidly become one of the most anti-police states in recent memory, thanks to the anti-police sentiment eagerly encouraged by the former Destructor in Chief, Obama.

Of course, Cuomo’s response was predictably, and frighteningly, clueless.

“I can’t see how devoting our resources to counting cars in citizens’ driveways or investigating how much turkey and dressing they’ve purchased is for the public good.” [Source: The Blaze]

While leftists tend to make quite a few asinine, utterly hypocritical statements, this one has to be among the worst.

First off, does an “executive order” actually constitute a new law, from Cuomo’s view? What is the point of even having a legislative branch if Cuomo can apparently pass laws unilaterally with zero opposition?

Second off, “you have to enforce the law?” Is he seriously kidding? Would those be the same laws against assaulting police officers, causing massive destruction, initiative arson, shooting people in broad daylight, and a host of other disgusting leftist behaviors?

Apparently, police are told to stand down in New York City while people’s lives are literally threatened, but now they’re being lectured about not launching a massive investigation into law-abiding citizens’ food purchasing habits.

In either case, the police across America are rightfully put out by the Democrats’ despicable deception of the public, and several facts have triggered the growing resistance to inane leftist “representatives.”

Maybe it’s the fact that Governor Newsome of California chose to eat at an elaborate, extremely expensive restaurant alongside medical professions, nary a mask in sight, not to mention an absence of social distancing. Mind you, this exclusive restaurant, The French Laundry, happens to be in a county that Newsome put on full lockdown. For everyone but himself, apparently.

Then again, what else is to be expected from a governor that became infamous earlier in the summer for forcibly closing all vineyards … except his own. Not to mention a state full of legislators that just enjoyed another jaunt in Hawaii, after telling everyone else to shelter in place, of course.

Maybe it’s also the fact that various local political officials have publicly decried and demoralizing the police, all while simultaneously demanding personal protection for themselves, such as Ms. Lori Lightfoot of Chicago.

Maybe it’s the fact that an increasing number of governors across multiple states, including Florida, Texas, and Mississippi, that have openly proclaimed they will not adhere to any kind of draconian national lockdown, not matter how much Biden is gunning for it.

After all, Biden owes the Chinese quite a few favors by now.

Regardless, it is refreshing to see so many American Patriots continue to take a stand against authoritarian control, all of whom truly represent MAGA and KAG!

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