Sinema Stymies Democrat Voting Agenda

The second week of 2022 is ending on a supremely high note for conservatives:

Not only has the Supreme Court just smacked down the OHSA vaccine mandate for the private sector, but Senator Sinema, along with Senator Manchin, have resolutely declared that they do not support abolishing the filibuster, in spite of every effort that Biden is making for them to do so.

For a president so obsessed with democratic principles, he sure seems intent on destroying the lot of them.

And, unfortunately, quite a few other Democrats seem to share the same lawless attitude of the Biden administration.

Just consider Senator Chuck Schumer’s rather absurd “argument” regarding why the filibuster should be abolished.

“If the right to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy, then how can we in good conscience allow for a situation in which the Republican Party can debate and pass voter suppression laws at the state level with only a simple majority vote, but not allow the United States Senate to do the same?” Schumer queried.

Gee, maybe because state laws are different than federal laws? Maybe because the United States is a constitutional republic, which means that states do have a fair degree of their own autonomy, including over voting processes and procedures?

By the way, some of the same “suppression” that Democrats criticize in Georgia laws appears in New Jersey laws as well, with regards to voting, no less, so why exactly is Georgia the only state that the Biden administration ranted and raved against, to the extent that the MLB relocated its All Star game?

Basically, nothing Schumer said was legally sound; however, it would be a perfect contemplation in some woke college classroom filled with “oppressed” student living off the taxpayers’ dime via student loans.

Schumer sounds even more ridiculous when contrasting his commentary with that of Sinema, who urged the Senate to “address the disease itself,” namely “the disease of division, to protect our democracy.”

“In recent years, nearly every party-line response to the problems we face in this body, every partisan action taken to protect a cherished value, has led us to more division, not less,” Sinema declared, “[and] when one party needs to only negotiate with itself, policy will inextricably be pushed from the middle towards the extremes.”

“[The filibuster is a] guardrail … that ensures that millions of Americans, represented by the minority party have a voice in the process,” Sinema continued, emphasizing the importance of preventing mob rule, “the steady escalation of tip for tat, in which each new majority weakens the guardrails of the Senate and excludes input from the other party, furthering resentment and anger, amongst this body, and our constituents at home.”

In other words, Sinema is focused on the nation. Biden is focused on a power grab (or, more accurately, Biden’s puppet master).

McConnell heaped praise upon Sinema for her brave stance and “conspicuous … political courage,” arguing that the senator “saved the Senate as an institution.”

Manchin also stood alongside Sinema, refusing to back down even after intense pressure from Biden.

“I will not vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster,” Manchin asserted, “the filibuster plays an important role in protecting our democracy from the transitory passions of the majority and respecting the input of the minority in the Senate.”

And how did Mr. Unity, otherwise known as “President” Biden, respond to Sinema and Manchin?


“One thing for certain, like every other major civil rights bill that came along, if we miss the first time, we could come back and try the second time,” Biden raged, “as long as I’m in the White House, as long as I’m engaged at all, I’m going to be fighting.”

It’s a real shame Biden doesn’t get as passionate about national security as he does over taking over the elections.

After all, the FAA halted all west coast flights for 15 minutes due to a “national emergency” regarding North Korea, one that U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has identified as “profoundly destabilizing.”

Blinken also noted that Kim Jong Un has not responded to Biden’s “overtures” for cooperation. Frankly, who would after the humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan?

“Unfortunately, not only has there been no response to those overtures, but the response we’ve seen… has been renewed missile tests, something that is profoundly destabilizing,” Blinken continued, “it’s dangerous and it contravenes a whole host of U.N. Security Council resolutions.”

Author: Ofelia Thornton