Sleepy Joe Steals The Show, Earns The Right To His Nickname

On Monday, President Joe Biden stunned the world when he appeared to be napping during the opening commentary of the COP26 Climate Change Conference, which is taking place in Scotland.

Biden’s eyes appeared closed for approximately 22 seconds before one of his aides nudged him. However, prior to awakening, his closed eyes were caught on camera, resulting in a photo that promptly went viral on various social media platforms.

Biden’s momentary nap occurred when a disability rights activist, Eddie Ndopu, argued that global warming is posing a grave threat to “our ability to grow food and even to survive.”

“I call on you to commit to concrete actions to stop the destruction of this magnificent planet,” Ndopu implored, adding that “this conference is [amongst] the most important meetings in history.”

As Ndopu spoke to the audience, Biden’s eyes remained resolutely shut.

As Biden continued dozing, Ndopu rattled off the various opportunities that world leaders have to cease the worst effects of climate change, arguing that they “have the chance to make decisions and reach agreements which will affect the lives of generations to come.”

“You are in a position of extraordinary power,” Ndopu proclaimed, adding that G20 leaders have the chance to “change forever the trajectory we are on.”

Through compelling leadership, the world may once again become “full of hope,” rather than fear.

While Ndopu delivered a powerful speech, major media outlets appeared preoccupied with Biden’s unprecedented nap.

Kelly O’Donnell, a veteran journalist with NBC News, remarked, “it appears that perhaps [Biden] was dozing.”

O’Donnell also remarked that Biden’s nap comprises one of the many “embarrassing situations” that can allegedly afflict leaders on a global stage.

While Biden has long called for action regarding “the urgency of these issues, or addressing climate,” his impromptu nap during a speech regarding climate change could become “a political obstacle,” O’Donnell commented.

In addition to O’Donnell’s commentary, New York magazine has a headline that boldly proclaims, “Biden Appears to Nod Off as Future of Planet Hangs in Balance,” encapsulating the “embarrassing situation” alluded to by O’Connell.

Ironically, former President Donald J. Trump repeatedly referred to Biden as “Sleepy Joe” while on the campaign trail.