Small Businesses Abandon Biden In Droves

It appears that President Joe Biden is rapidly running out of different groups of voters that he can depend upon.

Recently released data from a new survey of Main Street businesses revealed that small entities are fleeing allegiance to Biden, especially given the skyrocketing inflation that has occurred under his leadership. Humorously, the data from the poll was released on the same day that Biden’s Chief of Staff proclaimed that the president is currently “delivering the fastest economic recovery in history.”

Zogby Analytics CEO and pollster Jonathan Zogby determined that executives of companies with under $10 million in annual revenue believe that they are worse off under the Biden administration. However, large companies reported the reverse.

Per Zogby’s analysis, 56 percent of people who occupy the upper echelons of smaller businesses, including “executives, owners and vice presidents,” believed that things were worse off, as compared to 44 percent who believed that they were better off.

When factoring in workers’ sentiments, the margin changed to 53 percent of respondents believing that they were worse off, compared with 47 percent who believed that they were better off.

Given how mixed the results of the poll are, they cannot be construed to endorse the state of the United States economy.

Moreover, the results revealed that individuals with smaller and bigger companies do not want Biden reelected in 2024, a 61 percent of respondents demonstrated opposition to a Biden 2024 ticket. Only 39 percent of respondents support Biden’s bid for reelection.

According to Zogby, “there was a difference in intensity” between small businesses and large businesses over Biden’s reelection, with a much higher percentage of small business owners opposing a Biden 2024 ticket.

Specifically 63 percent of small business owners demonstrated opposition to Biden’s reelection, with 37 percent supporting a reelection bid. On the other hand, only 54 percent of large business owners oppose Biden’s reelection, with 46 percent supporting a second Biden presidency.

Nonetheless, the results indicate that businesses are generally against Biden, especially small businesses.