Something Terrifying Is Barreling Towards The U.S.

In the past few weeks, almost 30,000 Haitian migrants have made their way to the Southern border between the United States and Mexico. However, according to the Foreign Minister of Panama, tens of thousands of additional migrants are barreling towards the United States.

Erika Mouynes, who has been warning about the migrant caravans for months, recently participated in an interview with Axios, where she noted that since the start of 2021, over 85,000 Haitian migrants have crossed through the nation of Panama.

Mouynes also believes virtually all of these migrants are headed straight towards the United States.

The Haitians have made their way through several dangerous areas in an effort to reach the United States, including travel through the Darién Gap jungles from Colombia into Panama. Once they reach Panama, they continue to move northward through the Central American region towards Mexico, with the United States intended as the final destination.

Mouynes added that various senior officials across multiple South American nations, as well as from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico convened in August to discuss this issue, and she finds it “shocking” that such a convention did not occur far sooner. She has also met with Alejandro Mayorkas, the DHS Secretary, along with other members of Congress, earlier in the week.

During the interview, Mouynes proclaimed that she would like to see additional meetings held between the United States and other nations, with the primary objective focusing on how to control the sheer volume of individuals barreling through the borders of multiple nations. In addition, Mouynes also called for greater participation from Haiti.

“We all have a role to play in this issue, and the regional approach is the correct approach,” Mouynes declared, adding that “it is impossible for Panama to solve it on its own.”

Aside from the 85,000 migrants that have already made their way into Panama and beyond, Mouynes also noted that 30,000 more are waiting to barrel from Colombia to Panama.

Enormous humanitarian crises have since unfolded, with Mouynes remarking on severely malnourished children, meaning that “even getting them up to a healthy state takes time.”

Over the past weekend, Mayorkas stated that the majority of the migrants who had entered the nation have subsequently been released in various areas. Mayorkas claimed that 12,000 have been released until their upcoming court dates, while 5,000 are awaiting the overall progress of their cases. 3,000 other migrants remain in detention.