Squad Implicitly Supports Destruction Of NATO

By now, everyone has heard Biden’s furious backtracking in last night’s humorous “State of the Union Address,” including his apparently sudden devotion to the police.

Clearly, someone got through to Biden that “Defund Police” is likely not ideal for ailing approval ratings, and all of the sudden the president has whirled around from an individual openly condoning BLM to openly advocating funding for the police, which will undoubtedly draw the ire of the vocal squad, the far left “fringe” of the Democrat Party that has somehow come to speak for the entire left.

Speaking of the squad, it appears they have taken yet another disturbing allegiance in the latest international crisis, which is par for the course for “representatives” intent on destroying the nation they ostensibly represent.

After all, none other than good old AOC is closely aligned with the Democrat Socialists of America (DSA), an alignment that seems a tad paradoxical given her wealthy heir boyfriend.

However, as someone clearly gunning to be the next Castro or Castro equivalent, at least in an economic sense, AOC chooses some rather predictable allegiances, including those that run directly counter to the interests of the United States.

Nowhere is this paradox clearer than in the recent statement issued by the DSA, which sounds as though it came straight from the Kremlin.

“This extreme and asymmetrical escalation is an illegal act under the United Nations Charter and severely threatens the livelihoods and well-being of working-class peoples in Ukraine, Russia, and across the region. We urge an immediate ceasefire and the total withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine,” the DSA trilled.

Oh yeah. That’s really practical. Putin will surely listen to that.

One thing he will listen to, however, includes the potential destruction of NATO, which would be yet another step towards minimizing democracy and freedom, alongside increasing authoritarianism and other serious issues.

The DSA also bangs on about an effective utopia, clearly not realizing that the world is not an experimental ground for Woodstock.

“There is no solution through war or further intervention,” the DSA brayed, “this crisis requires an immediate international antiwar response demanding de-escalation, international cooperation, and opposition to unilateral coercive measures, militarization, and other forms of economic and military brinkmanship that will only exacerbate the human toll of this conflict.”

In other words, the DSA would rather the United States and all of Europe and the United Kingdom lay to the side while Putin steadily takes over everything heading west, whereas China begins its takeover of everything heading east.

In some ways, clearly terrifying parallels to World War II, except Japan didn’t infect the whole planet with a virus two years in advance of conflict starting.

Needless to say, the DSA is not terribly concerned with history, or for that matter, even logic: It appears largely hellbent on the United States becoming smaller and smaller while Russia and China, by default, become larger and larger.

“DSA reaffirms our call for the US to withdraw from NATO and to end the imperialist expansionism that set the stage for this conflict. We call on antiwar activists in the US and across the world to oppose violent escalations, demand a lasting diplomatic solution, and stress the crucial need to accept any and all refugees resulting from this crisis,” the socialist group proclaimed, “much of the next ten years are coming into view through this attack. While the failures of neoliberal order are clear to everyone, the ruling class is trying to build a new world, through a dystopic transition grounded in militarism, imperialism, and war. Socialists have a duty to build an alternative.”

Right. The same type of “alternative” envisioned by AOC, judging from the former bartender’s behavior now?

It really is quite remarkable that a bartender was able to accelerate to having such a massive microphone in the US government in the first place, and it’s even more remarkable how shamelessly she bashes the very nation that enables her to live so lavishly in the first place.

Of course, AOC would be the first to condone the DSA’s bottom line:

“No war but class war.”

Right. Clearly, “class war” has been the name of the game in the United States for years, especially with Democrats worth upwards of $300M like Pelosi, despite her decades of “public service.”

Perhaps she should divest some of her funds for the programs she feels so passionately about, rather than jack taxes on middle class Americans.

Though at least Pelosi, unlike AOC, does not appear to be implicitly supporting Russia.

After all, AOC is one of the most prominent representatives of the DSA, and one would think that AOC would rapidly issue a statement if she were to disagree with any remark that the organization made.

Alas, AOC has elected to remain silent, all but illuminating her complicity, the same way she was suspiciously silent about people suffering during the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Not all Democrats are silent, however, including Representative Mikie Sherrill of New Jersey.

“I could not disagree more strongly with the DSA’s call to pull out of NATO,” Sherill exclaimed in disbelief, “that we would leave NATO, the security alliance that helped end the constant cycle of war in Europe – wars we were pulled into – is irresponsible, not supportive of democracy, and contrary to our ideals.”

Too bad for the United States that a number of individuals in the swamp have values that run strongly contrary to national ideals … and one can only hope some of them are promptly evicted in November.

Author: Ofelia Thornton