Squad Member Takes Stand For Freedom Convoy

Surprisingly, Representative Ilhan Omar is sharply criticizing journalists who have taken it upon themselves to leak the identities of individuals making small donations to the Freedom Convoy in Canada.

According to a report from the Washington Examiner, the identities of small donors were fully disclosed in a hack of GiveSendGo, which is the Christian platform being used to fundraise for the Freedom Convoy and related individuals, who are currently protesting draconian restrictions across the Canadian provinces.

The funding for the protests constitutes a significant percentage of interest as Ottawa officials attempt to control the trucker rallies that have come to blockade border crossings and cities across the nation, per a report from Reuters.

Representative Omar shredded a tweet from an editor at the Ottawa Citizen, Alison Mah, which provided a report from the Canadian publication regarding a shop owner who allegedly felt “regret” after providing a $250 donation to the Freedom Convoy, as noted by the Washington Examiner.

After Mah posted her tweet, the small business owner was subsequently forced to close the Stella Luna Gelato Café in the Canadian capital, as she received several threats after her name appeared on the list of donors who had contributed to the Freedom Convoy.

Omar proclaimed that Mah’s reporting on the small business owner was “unconscionable.”

“I fail to see why any journalist [feels] the need to report on a [small business owner] making such an insignificant donation,” the Minnesota Democrat declared on Twitter.

“It’s unconscionable and journalists need to do better,” Omar added.

The Minnesota representative added that she had read Mah’s article “multiple times,” and she concluded that the story served absolutely no purpose, aside from encouraging “harassment” of a small business owner.

Omar observed that reporters such as Mah are entitled to their opinions, as destructive for society as they may be, but she is also entitled to hers.

And in the Minnesota representative’s opinion, the types of stories promulgated by Mah are not only “uncalled for,” but they also “ruin people’s lives.”

In addition to the Ottawa Citizen, the (ultra-left) Washington Post is also reportedly harassing donors, with some journalists chasing after individuals who donated was little as $40 in order “to ask them why they did so.”