Squad Renews Shrieks For “Defund Police”

The “Defund Police” movement has gradually lost traction within the Democrat Party due to voters’ resistance towards anti-police sentiment; however, some progressive representatives, notably Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri, have continued to clamor for “Defund Police.”

Bush, who was a BLM activist prior to ascending to Capitol Hill as a congressional representative, recently raged about the fact that various Democrats have apparently informed her “to wait,” since ” defunding the police and investing in communities won’t work.”

“Well, their policies keep ending up with police murdering black people,” Bush shrieked.

“Enough patronizing,” Bush continued dramatically, demanding that Democrats listen to movements that indicate “how to save lives.”

Bush is seeking reelection to Congress in 2024.

Despite Bush’s proclamations, Biden recently criticized the “Defund Police” movement during remarks regarding rising homicide and general crime rates across the United States, including a series of stunning “smash and grab” armed robberies.

The movement gained initial popularity in the summer of 2020, shortly after the death of George Floyd, which catalyzed a BLM protest. One of the biggest demands of the protestors was to defund the police, and this demand dominated mainstream media for months on end.

However, while the movement resulted in numerous cities, especially liberal cities, to decimate the budget for law enforcement, numerous Americans have become peeved by the federal, state, and local government’s attacks on law enforcement, which have primarily satisfied the far left and criminal elements of society.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) quickly condemned Bush’s remarks shortly after they surfaced, arguing that the congressional representative was “doubling down” on support for the “Defund Police” movement.

Mike Berg, who serves as the spokesman for the NRCC, argued that no one truly believes that the Democrat Party is keen on “[abandoning its] pro-crime agenda.”

“Democrats are, and always will be, the party of Defund the Police,” Berg brayed.