Stacey Abrams Makes Unsavory Comparison

One thing is for absolute certain at this point in time: Stacey Abrams is perhaps the most self-involved, self-unaware politician masquerading as a “representative” of the people today.

Abrams’ recent appearance on the “Daily Show” with Trevor Noah all but confirmed this certainty, given that Abrams has grotesquely exploited the devastation in Ukraine in order to push the nationalization of elections and likely ensure that the Republicans never win a serious position again.

That’s right: Democrats certainly never let a crisis go to waste, in the infinite words of wisdom from Saul Alinsky, otherwise known as one of Hillary Clinton’s greatest mentors.

And Ms. Clinton and her mentors have taught self-righteous, self-involved people like Abrams well, as Abrams elected to speak about her personal pet causes instead of the crisis unfolding across Europe.

Even worse, she compared her circumstances to the crisis in Europe, clearly breathtakingly unaware of the fact that she herself occupies extreme privilege to be able to speak the way she speaks with no accountability whatsoever.

“We are a stronger nation when we allow people to participate,” Abrams declared pompously, “and if we ever doubted that: The war that Putin is waging against Ukraine, President Zelenskyy said it, and I’m going to paraphrase him, probably poorly … He said this isn’t a war on Ukraine, this is a war on democracy in Ukraine.”

Perhaps the most salient remark Abrams has made to date is that she is “probably poorly” paraphrasing President Zelenskyy, as she is.

Something suggests the Ukrainian president isn’t pleased by the likes of Abrams comparing her “crisis” to his.

“[It is wrong] we allow democracy to be overtaken by those who want to choose who can be heard, and those choices are not based on anything other than animus or inconvenience,” Abrams continued, all but suggesting that the Republicans are the equivalent of Putin and the poor, disenfranchised Democrats are Ukrainians.

A truly disgusting comparison, one that Governor Brian Kemp’s office has immediately called out.

“This is a disgusting comparison. President Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people are fighting for their freedom against a callous invasion that has killed innocent civilians,” Kemp campaign press secretary Tate Mitchell declared.

That’s right: According to Ms. Stacey Abrams, having to show ID in order to vote is apparently tantamount to having one’s residential building bombed and troops invade.

On what planet do Democrats dwell if they think showing voter ID is remotely as invasive as dealing with literal bombs and fire?

Democrats can’t even handle “micro aggressions,” much less real aggressions, but they sure don’t mind exploiting real aggression when it serves their sick political purposes.

And since Democrats never have to deal with the mess that they create, especially when they can claim “racism” and just about everything else under the sun to avoid it, it is not much of a surprise that Ms. Abrams has jumped on board the exploitation train.

“Stacey Abrams is a political opportunist who has lined her pockets on lies about common-sense election integrity measures like voter ID,” Mitchell continued, “the two are not the same.”

No, the two are not.

As far as the mainstream media’s response to Abrams’ rather egregious remarks?

Crickets …

Author: Ofelia Thornton