Superpower Leaves Biden Super Flatfooted

In his quest for turning the world against Russia, President Biden forgot an inconvenient little fact.

Notably the fact that his charming son Hunter also has an array of shady business dealings in China, some of which have apparently invited federal investigation over the past few years, especially his unexplained shenanigans with the Bank of China.

While Hunter in and of himself certainly didn’t cause the war of Ukraine, his little antics in Eastern Europe and China just might have emboldened Putin to be as bellicose as he is now.

Think about it: After last year’s G7 Summit, wherein Biden put up a less resilient front than Putin, to put it mildly, more strange videos of Hunter surfaced, especially the videos featuring a nude Hunter ranting and raving about Russians “blackmailing” him.

On top of that, Hunter even remarks that he talks to his “dad, who’s running for president” about the Russian blackmail “all the time,” specifically in reference to his father’s then-presidential run.

Tellingly, the Biden administration did not dismiss the video as a deep fake; instead, the media buried the Hunter story like they bury just about every Hunter story.

However, shortly after the release of the “blackmail” video, the United States is withdrawing haphazardly from Afghanistan, much to the shock of the United Kingdom and other allies, though much to the delight of Russia, who has long wanted America out of the region.

Don’t forget Biden’s dropping all the sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline either, not to mention Chuck Schumer’s hilarious filibuster efforts over the same pipeline (while publicly claiming the filibuster is “racist” in other contexts).

Fast forward just over half a year later, and now the whole world appears shocked that Putin invaded Ukraine, though the stage was set months ago, likely as soon as Biden ascended to the Oval Office.

And while Biden may talk tough now, he might want to recall that the parameters are a tad different now than they were in World War II.

Starting with China openly backing Russia, which is only natural given that trade relationships, alongside others, have become increasingly prominent between the two nations in recent years.

For instance, not only did trade between Russia and China increase by approximately 36 percent last year, but the Russians and Chinese have apparently gotten so chummy that Putin deferred to China about the exact invasion date, as reported by the New York Times on March 2.

Specifically, China requested for Putin to delay the invasion until after the Olympics, which Russia clearly obliged.

Leaving Biden in a very sticky place sanctions wise, as China has now made it abundantly clear that it won’t be joining the sanctions party.

“As far as financial sanctions are concerned, we do not approve of these, especially the unilaterally launched sanctions because they do not work well and have no legal grounds,” declared the chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, Guo Shuqing.

Shuqing’s remarks were backed up by others, including China’s Foreign Ministry Wang Webin.

“China firmly opposes all illegal unilateral sanctions, and believes that sanctions are never fundamentally effective means to solve problems,” Webin declared, “they will only create serious difficulties to the economy and livelihood of relevant countries and further intensify division and confrontation.”


Because China is so concerned with the global economy after it launched COVID upon everyone. More like China is concerned about ITS livelihood – other nations, not so much.

Which is precisely why China has resoundingly blown off Biden.

“China and Russia will continue to conduct normal trade cooperation in the spirit of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit,” Wang continued, while hilariously adding that “China will continue to play a constructive role in promoting the de-escalation of the situation in Ukraine.”

Sure it will.
In the meantime, Biden has yet to respond by being caught rather flatfooted by a country that already leverage over him …

Author: Jane Jones