Supply Chain Crisis Balloons Out Of Control

Looks like Pete Buttigieg is about as an competent as a Transportation Secretary as Kamala Harris is as a Border Czar.

As in not even remotely competent.

While the mainstream media would rather have the Americans distracted with nonsense, the reality is that the ports of California, which play an absolutely vital role in the nation’s supply chain systems, are enormously backlogged.

The backlog is attributed to an array of issues, including large worker shortages, and one thing has become increasingly clear over the past several weeks: Buttigieg is totally and completely out of his depth.

Buttigieg has routinely dodged any real responsibility ever since receiving his trophy position in Biden’s administration, and what few words he has offered since the crisis have not exactly inspired much hope.

This is a largely private-sector system, and a global one at that, but there are a lot of steps that we can take as an administration, as an honest broker.” [Source: The Washington Examiner]

The Biden administration is “an honest broker.”

Heck, Buttigieg should have been made the administration’s head comedian instead, as that comment is actually quite hilarious, especially within the context of the past several months.

Plus, nothing screams “honest broker” like a president who routinely turns his back on the press, effectively scuttling transparency from Day 1.

Not to mention a president that wouldn’t recognize a qualified Cabinet if it smacked him in the face, particularly when taking Buttigieg’s absurdities into account.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), who has already been disgusted with the Biden administration over its handling of Afghanistan, is now even more disgusted in light of the administration’s utter incompetence in supply chain economics, starting with its Transportation Secretary.

“Pete Buttigieg was completely unqualified to serve as Secretary of Transportation. But Biden still picked him … Now, Pete is absent during a transportation crisis that is hurting working-class Americans.”[Source: The Washington Examiner]

Needless to say, serious supply chain issues have directly contributed to serious shortages in stores across the nation, to the extent that a new, rather unfavorable hashtag is trending on Twitter: #EmptyShelvesJoe.

And these Twitter users are not happy.

“I’m pretty sure @JoeBiden and the Democrats in DC are eating just fine and are having no issues getting what they need … The rest of us lowly Americans who actually go to the grocery stores, not so much. #EmptyShelvesJoe. [Source: Fox News]

The White House’s responses to struggling Americans?

Don’t worry, the economy is just experiencing some “high class” problems.

Jason Furman, who served as Obama administration’s economist, apparently can’t rid himself of Obama’s elitism, especially when he remarks upon the allegedly “high class problems” facing the economy.

“Most of the economic problems we’re facing (inflation, supply chains, etc.) are high class problems. We wouldn’t have had them if the unemployment rate was still 10 percent. We would instead have had a much worse problem.”
[Source: The Washington Examiner]

Biden’s Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, enthusiastically endorsed Furman’s rather out-of-touch comment, further solidifying just how out of touch the Biden administration truly is.

Psaki has proven to be just as incompetent as Buttigieg when it comes to addressing any crisis, and she even went as far as to claim that the Biden administration did not want to “overpromise” anything (yes, she actually made these statements).

“What we are doing is working to use every tool at our disposal to ease the impact on the American people, ease impact on families as we look to the holidays but certainly beyond …

We can’t overpromise here, and I’m not going to do that because we know there are a lot of issues in the global supply chain.” [Source: The Washington Examiner]

Can’t “overpromise” huh? Could you at least promise for public schools to receive adequate food, in that case?

Given that schools throughout Alexander City, Alabama are suffering from food shortages now, as observed by Stephanie Wingfield, the program coordinator.

“This area has a high population of free and reduced meal recipients, so the need to ensure that they do get meals when schools are closed is what brought this grant about … Kids can’t do a whole lot when they’re hungry. When they have food, then they can go out and do other things, but it’s kinda hard to be hungry and to concentrate.” [Source: OANN]

Sad day when schools probably have ample funding for CRT indoctrination, yet insufficient access to meals … Biden’s America.

Author: Ofelia Thornton