Sweeping Vaccine Mandates Strike — And The Consequences Are Dire

Recently, New York Representative Nicole Malliotakis indicated that New Yorkers have grown weary of governmental overreach throughout the ongoing COVID pandemic.

In a recent interview, the Republican observed that an increased number of Americans have demonstrated growing concerns regarding mask and vaccine mandates, which have taken place at the local and federal level.

The remarks from Malliotakis emerge just as the outgoing mayor of New York City, Bill De Blasio, passed sweeping vaccine mandates, which require all employees in the private sector to receive a COVID vaccine. Consequently, Malliotakis is eager for De Blasio to leave office, as well as for the upcoming Supreme Court debate regarding the constitutionality of President Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate.

However, De Blasio has loudly espoused the latest COVID-related restrictions, praising his own vaccine mandate effusively in a recent press conference. According to De Blasio, a vaccine mandate is preferred over a full-scale lockdown.

The outgoing mayor has claimed that the vaccine mandates are for citizens’ own good as the Omicron variant continues to surge through the city. Dr. Dave Chokshi, a representative of NYC Health and Hospitals, also proclaimed that the mandate is generally good for businesses, as the vaccine mandate will ostensibly prevent the Omicron variant from spreading throughout the workplace.

However, these claims run contrary to findings from a Columbia University study, which reveals that the latest COVID variant is largely resistant to the vaccine, as well as 70x more transmissible than the Delta variant. Omicron presently accounts for 73 percent of all new COVID cases in the United States.

In addition, De Blasio is also incentivizing booster shots, namely by paying out $100 to New Yorkers who receive a booster.

“I’m very happy to say New Yorkers are responding,” De Blasio bragged, claiming that 180,000 New Yorkers received booster shots in just a few days.

In addition to the vaccine mandate for private businesses, the municipal employee mandate for New York also went into effect during November, and the NYC vaccine passport has been a requirement for numerous activities in the city since September.

If private businesses fail to comply with the latest vaccine mandates, they will face initial $1,000 fines, which will increase over time with repeated violations.

In January, De Blasio is set to leave office, which places the onus on vaccine enforcement on Eric Adams, the incoming mayor of New York City.