Taxpayers Forced To Pick Up Cuomo’s Staggering Legal Bills

Andrew Cuomo, the beleaguered Democrat Governor of New York, has expended more than $2M of New York taxpayer funds to fight back against numerous scandals that have publicly plagued him. As revealed by the New York Post, taxpayers are paying upwards of $900 per hour in legal fees for Cuomo’s key defense lawyer. This lawyer has been defending Cuomo against the latest round of sexual harassment allegations against him, as well as against other scandals, including the nursing home crisis and the alleged reports of him employing staffers to write Cuomo’s book regarding how he handed the coronavirus pandemic.

Multiple women have accused Cuomo of sexual assault, and some of these accusers include government employees. Amongst the claims, the women state that Cuomo had made highly inappropriate commentary to them, even touching them on some occasions. However, Cuomo has resoundingly denied the allegations and stated that he will not stop down as governor.

In addition, Cuomo is also facing investigation over his lucrative book deal, which details how he handled the COVID pandemic. Cuomo already accumulated an estimated $5M for it, and he also purportedly has an estimated $17M in the war chest for his campaign. When Cuomo faced inquiries regarding whether or not he would use any of his personal funds to cover his various legal fees, Cuomo quickly state that his legal fees were the responsibility of the state of New York.

Cuomo claims that “the way it works” is for the executive chamber, or governor position, to retain “a counsel,” which “is a state expense”; moreover, counsel has been a state expense “in every investigation.”

Cuomo commands the highest salary of any other governor in the United States, receiving $225,000 per year. Several critics have argued that politicians should not be permitted to use tax dollars for paying legal fees; instead, they should make use of a separate legal fund for the fees. Ron Kim, who serves as a State Assemblyman, commented on the nursing home scandal in New York, remarking that Cuomo ultimately “did this to himself,” as he both “defrauded the public” and “hid life and death information.”