Teacher Anxiety Rises Over Divisive Education

Across the United States, various teachers have become increasingly anxious with regards to the national debate over introducing critical race theory into various public schools. Educators have voiced noticeable concerns regarding the effects of critical race theory education over the long run, especially since classroom discussions on the topic have generally been very uneasy.

Various teachers’ unions, along with numerous classroom leaders, have started to join together in order to object to legislation that they not only find completely unnecessary, but also potentially dangerous. This collective movement was initiated in response to the political push for embedding critical race theory into public education.

Dana Stangel-Plowe, who previously worked as a teacher, often faced uncomfortable tasks at work, including being forced to recognize her “privilege.” Specifically, Stangel-Plowe was requested to “see [herself] as a white woman,” which apparently was “the most important defining characteristic of [herself].” In addition, Stangel-Plowe was also forced to participate in various activities that centered on race, including “a privilege walk.”

Across nearly two dozen states, numerous Republican legislators have started introducing various laws to combat the implementation of critical race theory in public schools, namely by prohibiting educators from teaching American students that the United States is “fundamentally or systemically racist.” Moreover, five Republican-led states, including Iowa, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, and Idaho, have already passed laws banning critical race theory in schools.

Ron DeSantis, the GOP Governor of Florida, justified the legislation by pointing out that these concepts would ultimately end up dividing students over manufactured racial issues.

DeSantis also noted that “parents of every background” are vehemently opposed to critical race theory, believing that such an education is extremely “toxic.” In addition, this toxic education is replicating itself across the country and subsequently “tearing communities apart,” DeSantis continued.

Instead, DeSantis urged the importance of teaching students the real history of the United States, and that it is totally unacceptable to openly lie by promoting falsified narratives that have long been pushed by the far left.

Teachers who are part of the Montana Federation of Public Employees also indicated that major confusion has arisen as to why legislators are making a massive effort to force teachers into teaching critical race theory.

In general, teachers’ unions across the nation have become increasingly vocal about the attempts at forcing the implementation of critical race theory, noting that teachers do not want politicians ordering them what to teach and what not to teach in the classroom.