Ted Cruz Calls Out Duplicitous Dems

President Joe Biden’s recent “State of the Union” address made numerous headlines, and one of the most popular headlines pertained to the Capitol’s decision to drop mask mandates in advance of the speech.

Needless to say, the political timing of such a decision, rather than the scientific timing, caught the attention of more than one conservative, especially representatives who have long lambasted the Democrats’ insistence on mask mandates.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, for instance, resoundingly mocked President Joe Biden upon hearing that the White House would conveniently drop its mask mandate for individuals who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus, just before Biden delivers his State of the Union speech on Tuesday.

Cruz sardonically commented on the political shenanigans underlying the sudden change on mask mandates, tweeting, “It’s a State of the Union miracle!”

The decision made by the White House also mirrors several other decisions recently passed regarding mandates.

For instance, the Congressional Office of the Attending Physician apparently proclaimed that makes will remain optional on the House floor over the course of President Biden’s speech.

In doing so, the Biden administration hopes to avoid the major optics issues that would emerge of legislators continuing to wear masks two years into the pandemic.

According to Senator Cruz, Washington, D.C. magically transformed into an area that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) just happened to identify as “low risk,” which in turn “[places] less of a focus on positive test results and more on what’s happening in community hospitals.”

Cruz’s remarks are especially salient, considering that he has long remarked that the Democrats have engaged highly hypocritical behavior by demanding that he, alongside other Republicans, wear masks at all times, especially when Biden has gotten away with a number of impressive mask-less appearances.

“Just once, I’d like to see a reporter say to [President Biden] when he stands at the podium … Mr. President, why aren’t you wearing a mask?” Cruz remarked.

Cruz also extended his remarks to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who routinely stands at the White House podium sans a mask, as she has also been permitted to largely eschew CDC guidelines without suffering condemnation from the mainstream media.