Texas Strikes Back At Biden In Genius New Way

The GOP Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has absolutely had it with Biden’s rather obviously punitive executive orders, which Democrats know very well would influence a surge to the Texas border.

However, Abbott refused to take the Democrats’ incredible devious scheming without fighting back, and his first major fight back occurred when a federal judge blocked Biden’s absurd immigration moratorium (a Trump-appointed judge, of course).

Now, Abbott has loudly announced that he will be sending additional National Guard members to quell the escalating border crisis, all courtesy of “migrant President” Biden, who is also now being called out by Mexico for incentivizing narcotics and human traffickers.

Given this proclamation from Mexico, it is no surprise that Abbott has decided to fill the gaps that the federal government has left deliberately open.

“We will work to step up and try to fill the gap that the federal government is leaving open by making sure we deploy every resource, whether it be Department of Public Safety or Texas National Guard, whatever we need to do …

Texas is going to fight for the safety and security of our state.” [Source: Newsmax]

Texas National Guard will deploy 500 troops to the border, which will support the 3,600 National Guard members already at the member, courtesy of President Trump, who assured significant support for keeping the border reasonably under control.

Nonetheless, this number is still astonishingly low when compared to the thousands of National Guard members to D.C. in order to protect King Biden and Queen Kamala.

Guess their lives “matter” more than the American taxpayers who fund their incompetent extravagance in the first place. Then again, Texas can’t arbitrarily utilize the nation’s entire National Guard in the way that Harris-Biden can.

In addition to the 500 National Guard members, Texas will also deploy approximately 1,200 state police officers to the border as well, to offer the additional support that is likely desperately needed, especially as numbers at the border swell.

What is the most disheartening of all is that Trump had firmly secured the border, only to be destroyed by the Democrats’ incompetence. Which is precisely why former ICE Director and Fox News contributor Tom Honan shredded Biden’s immigration policies.

“They should be embarrassed. The American people can do the math. The apprehensions are over 100,000, that’s triple of what it was a year ago under Trump policies. Actions speak louder than words …

They can say anything they want to say. But when you release thousands of people in the United States, some even have COVID and you don’t want to detain them. This is a clear message to the world.” [Source: Fox News]

Exactly. Even some of Biden’s “advisors” have somewhat admitted this fact, albeit not as bluntly as Homan.

Human was equally, if not more, blunt when calling out the Biden administration’s deliberate misleading of the public.

“So they’re lying to the American people … Look, it doesn’t take a genius to realize when you make promises that we’re going to have amnesty. We’re going to fix DACA. We’ll give you free health care. They already crippled ICE. 90% of their authority has been taken away because there’s no interior enforcement. They’re being released as quickly as possible from the border.” [Source: Fox News]

It also doesn’t take a genius to see that the worst mistake Americans made was empowering the deadly duo of Biden and Harris, with other support coming from Pelosi, Obama, Clinton, and too many other power-hungry elites to count.

Furthermore, Abbott would clearly second Homan’s thoughts, as he essentially stated the exact same thing himself to reporters.

“There is a crisis on the Texas border right now with the overwhelming number of people coming across the border … This crisis is a result of President Biden’s open border policies. It invites illegal immigration and is creating a humanitarian crisis in Texas right now that will grow increasingly worse by the day.”
[Source: Newsmax]

Wonder what Psaki will have to say about this one. Or, more accurately, wonder when (or if) Biden will ever hold his own press conference … as Trump did many, many times.

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