The Real Reason For DOJ’s Attack On Parents Exposed — And It’s a Doozy

As most of the nation is now aware, AG Merrick Garland has apparently decided the most important task in the world for the DOJ to focus on is … parents.

No joke.

As a bit of a refresher, AG Garland kowtowed to an absurd letter sent by the NSBA, another leftist educational organization, which literally branded parents who oppose CRT as “domestic terrorists.”

And, like a typical left-leaning administration, Garland was quick to leap on the side of institutions and openly oppose parents. Without even giving parents a voice.

Just consider the absurdity of his reply below.

“Threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation’s core values … Those who dedicate their time and energy to ensuring that our children receive a proper education in a safe environment deserve to be able to do their work without fear for their safety.” [Source: Fox News]

Oh, is that so, Garland? How about the police officers’ right to work “without fear for their safety?”

Except they’ve been defunded … only for leftist school districts to now demand additional federal law enforcement protection for leftist school board members.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has lashed out against Garland, especially for labeling concerned parents as the equivalent of terrorists.

“Moms at school boards are being told that they’re criminals, potential domestic terrorists, for the crime of dissent, and I think criminalizing dissent is something that we should all be appalled with.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Not only appalled with, terrified of … After a Marine can be arbitrarily thrown in jail for stating what literally the whole planet thinks about Afghanistan, one can only imagine what might happen to parents with a much lower public profile.

Which is precisely why Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has gone to bat for American families, calling out the federal government’s open derision towards the First Amendment

“I am alarmed by your decision to weaponize the Department of Justice (DOJ) against concerned parents, exercising their First Amendment rights, who dare to oppose the teaching of critical race theory, a repulsive and racist ideology, in their children’s schools.” [Source: Breitbart]

“Alarmed” is perhaps the nicest way to put it, especially given the rather egregious abuse of the Patriot Act, a 100% swamp-certified act.

Andrew McCarthy, who served as a former federal prosecutor, has called out Garland for his obscene behavior, indicating that the Justice Department, not to mention the Clintons, are well aware of this dangerous game.

“Garland knows this is dangerous nonsense … Garland well knows, as he and Clinton officials stressed to me nearly 30 years ago, that in the incitement context, the First Amendment protects speech unless it unambiguously calls for the use of force …

[The] DOJ has no jurisdiction [in school board meetings] … If I threaten to punch my local school-board president in the nose, there is a possibility – depending on how serious and imminent the threat appears – that I have violated state law, but there is no possibility whatsoever that the matter is a concern of the Justice Department.”
[Source: Fox News]

However, courtesy of conservative media outlets, Garland’s enthusiastic pursuit of parents may be traced back to other disturbing motivations, beyond the obvious motivation of total and complete leftist indoctrination:

Over 20 percent of the largest 100 school districts in the nation have contracts with Panorama Education, a CRT-friendly corporation that just happens to be co-founded by …. Garland’s son-in-law.

Xan Tanner, who is married to Garland’s daughter Rebecca, apparently has a rather large stake in the success of his ultra-woke educational company, which prides itself on promoting student surveys with the following types of questions: “Are you gender fluid?”

The company also claims that it stresses “social-emotional learning,” which would certainly explain the insufficient coping skills demonstrated by an array of millennials and Gen-Z’ers, with some millennials now reaching their late 30s (while retaining the mentality of an undereducated snowflake … Meghan Markle, anyone?)

Even more insidiously, the company thrives on mass data collection (much like Democrat-allied Big Tech), which is rather obvious based on the company’s description of its own services.

“The Panorama Equity and Inclusion Survey provides schools and districts with a clear picture of how students, teachers, and staff are thinking and feeling about diversity, equity, and inclusion in school. The survey can help schools and districts track the progress of equity initiatives through the lens of students and staff …

Any middle or high school community that values diversity, equity, and inclusivity can use this survey. The student questions are designed to be developmentally appropriate for grades 6-12.” [Source: Breitbart]

“A clear picture.” Sure … more like a clear picture into just how truly corrupt and self-serving the present administration is.

Author: Jane Jones