Top Black Republican Gives Liberal Media a Piece Of His Mind

CNN might want to eventually wake up to the fact that more than one American, no matter which racial background or backgrounds they belong to, is getting a little tired of the rather blatant stereotypes that continue to pervade the network.

Among the varied stereotypes continuously displayed across a supposedly progressive network, two of the most common themes can be summed up as follows:

1) All whites are bad and have undeserved “privilege” (oh, and they apparently represent the “most dangerous threat” to the United States)

2) All minorities must be taken care of by the government (and give up individual agency, though this reality is rarely stressed).

Needless to say, more than one is rather sick of the rather simple, yet highly divisive and destructive, dichotomy that the fictional news media clearly derives its bread and butter from.

Whatever bread is left, actually, considering that ratings for fictional news media are sailing into an abyss, alongside the ratings for various NBA games.

And Rep. Byron Owens has absolutely had it with the fictional news media using various people from various groups as pawns in their nonstop quest to divide and conquer.

Clearly, the fictional news media, including the jokers that run CNN, are apparently unaware of the fact that some individuals may actually respond to their nonsense, and Owens is one of them.

Earlier this week, for instance, good old “divide and conquer” CNN suggested to Owens that he has yet to receive admission to the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) due to his supposedly “incongruous” views.

And guess what is apparently so “incongruous” about Owens’ views?

If you think that it may pertain to Owens’ allies, you got it: He supports President Trump.

Just listen to “anchor” Briana Keilar from the network itself, as she questions Owens on his support of Trump.

“Do you think your defense of a person who said things like that might be incongruent with the mission of the CBC?” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Owens promptly fired back to Ms. Keilar, informing her that she needs to get her head out of the past.

“First of all, what the president said in the past has nothing to do with this discussion at all …” [Source: The Daily Wire]

If that sentence appears incomplete, that’s because it is—Ms. Keilar didn’t even bother to let Owens finish speaking before she began predictably ranting and raving about how Owens “defended” Trump in the past.

Owens did not take very kindly to the network speaking for him, not to mention the network’s rather egregious remarks on his “incongruity.” And he definitely did not care for being brazenly interrupted, for good reason.

Consequently, he let CNN have it.

“As a black man in America, I’m allowed to have my own thoughts on who I choose to support and who I choose not to support …

I think that it’s important, whether you’re talking about the Congressional Black Caucus of the Florida state legislative Black Caucus or the National Caucus of State Black Legislators — organizations I have been a part of in the past — my support of President Donald Trump has been consistent but, at the same time, I’ve had the ability to advocate for issues, ideas, proposals and funding that have helped the black community in my state.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Thank you, Rep. Owens for prefacing your remarks by reminding the fictional news media of your ability to think for yourself (i.e., a quality leftists hate the most), as well as for pointing out that supporting Trump can actually (gasp!) simultaneously exist alongside getting things done.

Which is precisely why Rep. Owens had to make things short and simple for Ms. Keilar.

“You’re talking to somebody who, my first three years in college was at Florida A&M, an HBCU, so whether my support for President Trump…whether it’s for or against is irrelevant …

It’s really that simple … And so to bring up President Trump to try to make this about him does not matter. It’s irrelevant. It has nothing to do with the situation at hand.”[Source: The Daily Wire]

Of course it has nothing to do with the situation at hand, but the fictional news media would rather associate Owens with Trump than actually listen to what Owens has to say.

In fact, they’ll apparently even interrupt Owens in order to do so. Which is when Owens had to remind them of basic manners.

“Please don’t cut me off. I have not cut you off in this interview. Please do not do that to me. Thank you.” [Source: Grabien]

And then the fictional news media has the gall to turn around talk about “privilege?”

Spare us all …

Author: Ofelia Thornton