Top Democrat Caught ‘In Bed’ With Convicted Sex Offender

If Governor Newsom was nervous about the September 14 gubernatorial recall election in California, then he is likely going to be really nervous after the bombshell that Larry Elder hurled at him over the weekend.

National conservative radio host Larry Elder, a GOP candidate striving to be California’s first Black governor, made an appearance with celebrity activist Rose McGowan at an event on Sunday, where McGowan dropped quite the revelation about Newsom’s wife.

More accurately, McGowan was contacted by Newsom’s wife directly, with a rather chilling message.

“David Boies wants to know what it would take to make you happy.” [Source: Fox News]

For reference, David Boies is Harvey Weinstein’s attorney, and it appears that Newsom’s wife wasn’t very happy about Weinstein being exposed for decades worth of behavior, particularly by activists such as McGowan.

What is it with liberals and their insidious connections?

From Epstein and the Clintons on the east to Weinstein and the Newsoms on the West, it seems that the Democrats have a rather troubling connection to various figures.

What’s even more hilarious is that Democrats posit themselves as a more “humane” party, in spite of the fact that everything they’re doing now is everything but humane.

Including their alliance with hate-filled organizations such as BLM, which McGowan also called out for “micro-labeling” and dividing people.

“They want to hear that the more we micro-label each other, the better we’ll be … The reality is, today, I challenge this state, I challenge these voters, I challenge the media, to back up. Be human first, vote for humanity.” [Source: Fox News]

“Vote for humanity.”

That’s certainly far more uniting than Hidin’ Biden …

Larry Elder himself has taken serious issues with BLM’s proclamations, citing rather inconvenient statistics to invalidate many of the most extreme claims.

“The first time Gallup asked about racism, about whether or not you’d vote for a Black president was 1958 … And the percentage who said yes was in the high 30s. Now, only 3% said they would not vote for a Black president …

I am going to be uniting when I become governor … I’m going to use my bully pulpit to unite us. Because we have far more in common than we have apart.” [Source: Fox News]

In other words, Elder recognizes how far the nation has come and how much more room it has to grow. He also recognizes how damaging the Democrats are, and that Democrats in power are a surefire way to guarantee national destruction.

On top of that, Elder also recognizes that Democrats have done more than alienate many Black individuals with constant race-baiting; they have also done so with Hispanic populations.

For instance, California resident Samantha Sobarzo is rather unimpressed by Newsom’s cheap talk.

“He talks about how he loves the Latino community, wants to help the Latino community but I didn’t see Governor Newsom down here last year when Latino businesses were hurt badly …

They make it seem like the only issue we care about is immigration when that is completely false. We care about putting food on the table, having jobs, being able to provide for our families, being able to go to a church that’s open and not shut down.”[Source: Fox News]

Unfortunately, Newsom apparently decided strip clubs and liquor stores offered more essential services than churches, something that likely does not resonate well with conservative individuals.

In fact, one may wonder exactly which services Newsom has been using considering his “campaign strategies.”

For starters, he has apparently decided that campaigning based on the Constitution is a good idea, while he himself continues to violate it.

“The whole idea that a constitutional right, the right to choice, the right to reproductive freedom, rights of women, now are under assault — what a remarkable moment it is in American history.” [Source: Breitbart]

What a remarkable moment indeed … Especially when Newsom apparently doesn’t realize that abortion isn’t in the Constitution.

Newsom’s next terrible campaign strategy? Larry Elder is Trump.

“We did not defeat Trumpism…it is still alive across this country.” [Source: Fox News]

Apparently, depending on the event, Newsom will go as far as to say that he is worse than Trump. Which must mean that he’s really nervous.

And, since Newsom is Newsom, he has to have a third terrible campaign strategy, which is apparently that California may become Texas if Elder is in charge.

Except businesses and people have fled California for Texas, to the extent that California has lost a Congressional seat and Texas has gained two.

Which Governor Abbott has rightfully gloated about.

“California is losing population to other states. Also, business HQs are leaving CA at a record pace. Americans moving to Texas more than any other state. We’re also # 1 in business relocations. Texas policies attract people more than any other state.” [Source: Breitbart]

Maybe Californians want Texas more than Newsom realizes … after all, they’re moving there.

Author: Ofelia Thornton