Top Democrat Mask-Nazi Caught On Video Not Wearing One

By Ryan Ledendecker October 8, 2020 | Image Source : The Federalist Papers

Somewhere along the way, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Democrats assumed the role of acting as the mask police, even resorting to shaming others for their choice to refuse to wear a mask for a number of different reasons.

California progressive Rep. Maxine Waters is just one of several finger-wagging, condescending Democrats from the Department of Mask Enforcement to be caught in public not following her own policies. During Tuesday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News, she was called out for it.

As Biz Pac Review reported, Carlson first played a video clip from over the summer when Waters opined on the death of Herman Cain, who succumbed to Coronavirus after being in attendance at a Tulsa, Oklahoma rally for President Donald Trump. Waters essentially said that the legendary, greatly-loved and respected conservative presidential candidate got what he deserved.

“I’m going to send my condolences to the family of Herman Cain, who was a presidential candidate, who was a good friend of the president, who happened to have been at the rally in Tulsa, June 20th, with no mask on, with a group of people around him with no masks on,” Waters can be heard saying.

“And he’s dead. He died. He of course contacted (sic) the virus as a result of his attendance and without a mask there,” she added.

It should be noted that she — or anyone else in Congress or the medical community — haven’t the slightest clue where exactly Cain contracted the virus. There’s literally zero proof that it happened at the Tulsa Trump rally.

Carlson then played a clip provided by a man named Jason Giandomenico which provided proof that Waters must not be taking the Coronavirus mask situation very seriously, as she was very clearly caught not wearing one herself.

“He told us he saw Maxine Waters recently and guess what she wasn’t wearing? I think you know the answer. She wasn’t wearing a mask. So he confronted her. It’s all on video,” Carlson added before airing some of the video footage that he obtained.

You can watch the awkward exchange where Waters was caught red-handed, making up silly excuses as to why she was maskless, in the video clip below.

Waters jumped on the liberal media hype wagon over the past week where accusing Trump of contracting Covid-19 simply because he might not have worn a mask is the hip and trendy thing to do even though, again, not a single one of them have a shred of proof that Trump or anyone else in his circle’s lack of wearing a mask at a particular time led to his positive Coronavirus test.

The West coast, anti-Trump liberal joins the ranks of several other radical, pro-mask mandate politicians who have been caught in recent months not following their own life-saving guidance, including New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and recently, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein — both of whom are on film not wearing masks in public.

If masks are THAT important, why aren’t these politicians following their own advice? Could it simply be because wearing a mask is only cool when the cameras are rolling?

I’ll let you answer that.

Author: Ryan Ledendecker

Source: The Federalist Papers: Maxine Waters, Member Of The Democrat Mask Police, Caught On Video Not Wearing Mask In Public

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