Top Democrat Rescues Children From Biden’s Most Radical Agenda

A Democrat lawmaker from South Carolina has recently proposed legislation that would ban minors from pursuing sex reassignment surgery, as well as from receiving medicines that would either help alter gender or delay puberty.

Cezar McKnight introduced the bill, The South Carolina Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act. Should it pass, this bill would include possible felony charges against physicians who agree to provide hormone medication to minors or perform sex reassignment surgery, as reported by WLOS News 13.

McKnight was joined with 23 other Republicans, and he also indicated that he has received very strong support from his constituents, most of whom would support gender reassignment surgery for adults only.

Remarking that African-American Democrats are oftentimes more conservative than Caucasian progressives, McKnight stated that he would have never proposed such a bill had his constituents not been receptive to it. However, they are, including “pastors, young parents, [and] older parents,” all of whom indicate that someone should be at least 18 years old before undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

However, the South Carolina Democrat Party argued that the bill was “outrageous” and is to be condemned, along with “its Democratic supporters,” in the strongest possible terms.

Others on social media have called for censuring McKnight, though McKnight has no issues to pull the bill. He did state he may adjust some of its provisions.

Other states have also made recent efforts to prevent underaged youth from receiving hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery. Recently, a similar bill that aimed to punish physicians who administer hormone treatment to minors was recently approved by the Alabama Senate.

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