Top Republicans Start Making ‘Gang Of Eight’ Demands To Biden

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who serves as the House Minority Leader, along with Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who serves as the Senate Minority Leader, have recently demanded for the Biden administration to deliver a briefing regarding the massive failure of the ongoing Afghanistan withdrawal.

Specifically, McCarthy and McConnell want Biden to deliver a briefing to the “Gang of Eight” in Congress, which consists of eight different leaders in Congress who are routinely briefed on various matters pertaining to sensitive intelligence.

In a joint statement, McCarthy and McConnell note that their “current understanding” of the withdrawal is that the American military has presumably “secured the Hamid Kurzai International Airport in Kabul” and is in the process of “conducting the evacuation.”

The representatives also proceeded to proclaim that “it is of the utmost importance” for the American government to account for all citizens who remain in Afghanistan, as well as provide “means of departure” and “necessary information” to Americans attempting to flee the country.

McCarthy and McConnell have also called for several vital pieces of information from the Biden administration, according to the contents of their letter.

For instance, they are calling for exact numbers and locations of Americans still present in Afghanistan, as well as the methodology that has been used in order to make this determination.

In addition, Biden is also tasked with identifying the current security posture that the Taliban maintains within Kabul, as well as the ability of Americans to be able to travel safely to the international airport from inside the city.

Furthermore, the current status of Biden’s discussion with the Taliban with regards to ensuring safety of Americans has been called into question, as well as the ability of the United States government to even communicate with Americans trapped in the nation.

Moreover, Biden must also provide a definitive response to the plan for evacuating Americans safely out of the nation, notably U.S. individuals who cannot travel to Kabul safely.

Lastly, Biden must also provide insight into how many Americans have not yet been accounted for, as well as the reason for why they have been unable to be reached.

On his part, Biden continues to insist that chaos was inevitable in the withdrawal, and that no other decision would have resulted in a different result.