Truck Driver Triumphs Over Long-Term Democrat

What’s better than a trucker who defeats a long-term Democrat?

A trucker that only spends $153.15 during the primary race, plus a few thousand more (in the realm of $8,000 to $9,000) during the race itself.

And just in case the above sounds like total fantasy, it isn’t.

Edward Durr, a 58-year old Republican truck driver, previously never dabbled into political affairs. However, he, like many others, became greatly disturbed by the tyrannical control that New Jersey public “officials” just could not resist wielding during the pandemic.

In addition to the seemingly endless masks and imminent vaccine mandates, New Jersey politicians also did themselves no favors through routinely passing astronomically high taxes, as well as making the state one of the least friendly in the entire nation for doing business.

In other words, Durr experienced all the issues caused by politicians firsthand, and what better representative for the people than one who has lived through the chaos inflicted upon them by an increasingly authoritarian government?

In many ways, Durr speaks in a direct, plain manner that appeals directly to voters, particularly when he identifies issues that are explicit to voters’ concerns.

“You have the debacle of unemployment. The masking of the kids in school. You have Senator Sweeney trying to take away people’s medical freedom rights … I think the perfect storm was that he stepped into a pile of you-know-what and couldn’t get out of it because he didn’t know which way to turn. I just tapped into the right focus.” [Source: The Blaze]

“The right focus,” indeed.

And, astonishingly, when the “right focus” is kept, it takes very little money to persuade voters to vote in one’s favor.

The way voting should be.

On top of the terrible business and economic environment in New Jersey, the state didn’t help matters by adopting a largely authoritarian response to the COVID pandemic.

“Main thing that did him in was the fact that he did absolutely nothing the past 18 months while the governor sat on his throne about what jobs, businesses, and stores were allowed to open. He decided what was essential and what wasn’t.” [Source: The Washington Examiner]

In other words, the governor, Phil Murphy, decided to become the Gavin Newsom of New Jersey, ignoring all the consequences that would inevitably ensue from a fed-up populace.

Not only did Murphy arbitrarily destroy businesses for no remotely valid reason, but he also decided to act like a king in doing so (again, adopting a bit of Newsom for the East Coast).

“It was the combination of a governor who acts like a king, and a senate president who acts like a court jester, and does nothing. That made it very easy to convince people they were not being paid attention to. And when they got ignored, they got angry.” [Source: Breitbart]

Needless to say, Durr did not ignore the people of New Jersey, and he was swept into office due to tapping exactly into the people’s needs.

Moreover, as a truck driver for a furniture store, Durr also did not act like a king; instead, he acts exactly as who he is: a staunch conservative that favors an environment that promotes business and a government that protects civil rights.

Hopefully, Durr’s success may serve as a wakeup call to the rest of the Democrat Party, not only in terms of their absurd sending, but also in terms of their absurd wokeness.

For instance, James Carville, a long-term Democrat strategist, has openly shredded the Democrats’ fixation on wokeness.

“What went wrong is just stupid wokeness. Alright, don’t just look at Virginia and New Jersey. Look at Long Island, look at Buffalo, look at Minneapolis, even look at Seattle, Washington. I mean, this ‘defund the police’ lunacy, this take Abraham Lincoln’s name off of schools. I mean that — people see that …

It’s just really — has a suppressive effect all across the country on the Democrats. Some of these people need to go to a ‘woke’ detox center or something … They’re expressing a language that people just don’t use, and there’s backlash and a frustration at that.” [Source: The Blaze]

Most people usually aren’t terribly happy about Abraham Lincoln being attacked, especially since he is widely attributed by history for saving the nation.

Most people usually aren’t terribly happy about having their livelihoods yanked away from them either, especially with the likes of AOC gallivanting about the Met Gala, wearing her rather infamous dress “Tax the Rich” dress. Of course, in classic AOC fashion, the dress designer is a tax dodger herself.

Needless to say, Americans are becoming rather sick of Democrat elitism, which is why Tucker Carlson probably has one of the sweetest takes of all.

“The party that is calling for firing truck drivers is suddenly losing elections to truck drivers … and if that’s not sweet, we don’t know what the word means.” [Source: Breitbart]


Author: Ofelia Thornton