Trump Backs Major Challenger To Brian Kemp

During a public appearance on Wednesday, former President Donald J. Trump lauded Georgia Republican Senator David Perdue. At a fundraiser held in Perdue’s honor, Trump threw his full support behind Perdue in his bid for the gubernatorial race in the Peach state.

As the opening speaker at the fundraiser, held in Mar-a-Lago, Trump proclaimed that Perdue is “a true America First warrior,” as well as “the next governor of the great state of Georgia.”

Trump continued on to praise Perdue’s values in his glowing commentary, noting that he is “fearless,” as well as an “outstanding conservative leader.”

Moreover, Trump also reiterated that Perdue is likely the only candidate capable of beating “Stacey ‘the hoax’ Abrams,” in the upcoming November election.

Abrams, who has previously engaged in a contentious gubernatorial race in Georgia is taking fresh aim at the governorship this coming fall.

“[Perdue] stood up to the radical left,” Trump continued, “and he was always a champion for strong, secure borders.”

Blasting incumbent Georgia Governor Brian Kemp as “a horrendous RINO,” Trump declared that Kemp has “repeatedly surrendered” to radical leftists such as Stacey Abrams, which is precisely why Perdue, rather than Kemp, should be trusted by voters to steer the state in the correct direction.

“Together, we will fire Brian Kemp,” Trump boomed, “we will restore election integrity in Georgia, [and, above all], we will make America great again!”